Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Drink, Drank, Drunk

Picture this: you're out with your friends, drinking, dancing, laughing, having a grand ol' time. The end of the night is approaching, and it comes time to settle your bar tab. The friendly bartender hands you your credit card and receipt, and BAM! Insta-debt. How could a few hours of fun possibly rack up a bill in the triple digits? Welcome to New York City, my friends.

B and I have compiled a list of all the places you can drink for free to avoid the "I drank through my rent money" situation.

Van Gogh's Radio Lounge [147 Franklin St @ Java St. Brooklyn]
Ladies get free well drinks from 8p on!

Crash Mansion [199 Bowery @ Spring St. Manhattan]
Come in for an open-mic night fueled by unlimited well vodka from 7-8p

Mercury Bar [493 3rd Ave. btwn. 33rd and 34th St. Manhattan]
Flash your student ID between 8 and 9p for unlimited domestic drafts.

Lazy Catfish [593 Lorimer St. btwn Metropolitan and Conselyea St. Brooklyn]
Get yo' drank on with free cans of PBR from 8:30-11p to wash down the delicious southern comfort food. Fried tomatoes, anyone?

Mercury Bar [493 3rd Ave btwn. 33rd and 34th St Manhattan]
8-9p, Ladies drink free cosmos, appletinis, and well drinks.

Crush [153 E. 57th St btwn. Lexington and 3rd Ave. Manhattan]
Every week, the generous folks at Crush uncork some of their inventory for a free wine [or vodka, or tequila] tasting.

Mercury Bar [493 3rd Ave btwn. 33rd and 34th St. Manhattan]
Anyone who RSVPs to is welcome to partake in an open bar from 9-10p. Bud, Bud Lite, and Coors galore!

Every day:
Village Pourhouse [982 Amsterdam Ave btwn. 108th and 109th St. Manhattan]
Cab it to the Columbia area and you'll receive a bar tab in the amount of your cab receipt.

Cheap Shots [140 1st Ave btwn. 8th and 9th St. Manhattan]
Drink for free all night long on your birthday!

We also recommend:

Visit for a complete listing of gallery openings! Thursday nights in Chelsea serve for great opportunities to dress in black, see some art, and drink all the free wine you can handle. Note to the wise: galleries rarely offer free food, so drink accordingly.

Put on your fiercest high-waisted skirt, layer on the mascara, and park yourself on a stool at a well-known older man's bar. Silver daddies never pass up the chance to buy a pretty young thing like yourself a drink.

If you're lucky to have jobs like B and myself, marketing companies often give away free product to their employees- thus giving you the opportunity to try lots of yummy brands before they're released for public consumption.

So everybody, go on and get your drink on!

M and B

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