Thursday, July 23, 2009

Free Love

For most ladies, going on a date is an excuse to get a free meal and a drink or two. However, M and I both happen to be extremely independent ladies- who happen to enjoy going dutch. Empowering, yes, but sometimes it can get a little pricey.

Below are some of our favorite finance-friendly date ideas for going out with your special someone:

  1. Walk on the Brooklyn bridge. Bring your camera, your boy (or girl!) , and your walking shoes (this is not the time to break in your new cowboy boots!)
  2. Have a picnic. Indoor, outdoor, rain or shine. Pack up a blanket, a baguette and some cheese, a thermos of wine, and enjoy some one-on-one time without having to pay absurd restaurant prices.
  3. Check out the High Line, located on Manhattan’s West Side. Go for a stroll, play with puppies, explore the haunted ship located below the pier.
  4. Enjoy a free movie in the park- see M’s previous post.
  5. Grab your hoodie and hit the Staten Island Ferry. It’s completely free, showcases gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty, and gives you some cuddle time with your date if it gets chilly. A very special shout-out to our resident Mama Z, one of our favorite bitches, for this suggestion.
  6. Visit the Central Park zoo on Wednesday. It’s free and the polar bears are always looking for an opportunity to show off.
  7. Hit the galleries on Thursday nights in Chelsea for unlimited plastic cups of wine, art, and people watching. Openings usually start at 6p and run until about 8p. You’ll score extra bonus points if you can find the openings with food. See for more info to help you plan.
  8. Take the subway somewhere you’ve never been. Recommended neighborhoods include Greenpoint, Brighton Beach, and Astoria.
  9. It’s not exactly free, but The Putting Lot in Bushwick is only $5. A great chance to introduce a little friendly competition to an otherwise cookie-cutter date.
  10. 10. For the more adventurous lovers out there, the NYC Downtown Boathouse offers free [yes, 100% free!] kayaking on the Hudson. They give out all the equipment, along with lessons, without asking for a dime. For more info and hours, go to <>
  11. Park bench. Making out like it’s high school. Done and done.

Yours truly,

B and M

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