Monday, July 27, 2009

A Lovey Dovey Monday Tale

Here at Bitches on a Budget, one of our favorite mottos is "the best things in life are free”.

These bitches beg you to answer…what’s a better freebie than love? We've been in a love-y state of mind for a change, and wanted to tell a romantic tale rather than pass out a recipe or list today. It’s true that we happen to be two extremely cynical New Yorkers (who constantly ask themselves how they ever got such fantastic boys to stick around), but in one particular recent instance, we found a reason to drop the skepticisim and join up for team love.

Once upon a time, there was a fabulous lady who found herself in the midst of some serious relationship woes. Things were going south, fast,and she knew she had to do something major to turn it all around. Sometimes it isn’t until you run the risk of losing the greatest love you’ve ever experienced for you to realize how strong that love really is.

What to do when it seems like it’s too late?

How can you put something as intangible as love into something real?

(Note: This is no urban legend)

There are a thousand ways to say I love you, or in this case, a thousand and eight. After proclaiming her love all throughout the land of the Lower East Side, this lady decided to put her culinary skills to the test and bake one cupcake for every reason she loved her man. 48 hours in the kitchen, 126 eggs, 42 boxes of cake mix, 1 gallon of vegetable oil and 25 cans of frosting later, she had a thousand and eight cupcakes, frosted and sprinkled to perfection. She made a few calls, rounded up her crew, and coordinated a surprise delivery to her man’s office, complete with 90 boxes, a thousand cupcakes, and one very sugary monkey bread. The rest was history. Moral of the story? True love can conquer anything, but cupcakes never hurt.

What we really want to say with this story is that love is a very important, very powerful thing. Whether it lifts you up or breaks you down, it never fails to move you. Although we don’t often admit to it, we here at Bitches on a Budget are believers in love and all it's glory. It's something everyone needs, and it doesn't cost a damn thing. So, go on out there and show some love! It’s free!

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