Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hairapy on a Budget!

Can't fathom shelling out three figures for a haircut? You don’t need to be a regular on Gossip Girl to have one of the fabulous cuts you see on socialites bouncing around, from uptown to the lower east side.

Since I’m rather unlucky and slightly awkward when it comes to my own hair, I’ve finally learned my lesson- leave it to a professional. If you’re not lucky enough to have a friend with far steadier hands, make an appointment with a stylist-in-training at a fancy New York salon.

The following top salons hold regular 'training nights' where you can get a cut for a fraction of their regular price.

Aveda Institute, 233 Spring St

Appointments with supervised students are available Tuesdays through Saturdays, in the mornings and afternoons. Cuts are $18, and coloring starts at $35. Call ahead to book an appointment.

Beehive Salon 115 N. 7th St, Williamsburg

Ask a stylist for a punchcard and rack up visits that will earn you a free haircut. The Beehive Salon is very environmentally friendly.

Bumble & Bumble, 415 W. 13th St

Model calls are Mondays from 5:30p. to 6:30p., and if you are chosen as a model, you get a free haircut. To find out more about the program, call 866-7-BUMBLE.

Carsten Institute of Hair & Beauty, 22 E. 17th St, 2nd Fl

Call ahead to schedule an appointment with graduating students from the Institute. Tuesday- Saturday, morning to 1:30p, haircuts are $18.00, color services start at $37.00.

Dop Dop, 170 Mercer St

Wednesdays at 6p; cut and color classes alternate by week. $50 for color, $35 for cut; cash only. Must call 212-343-1897 to book an appointment.

Jeffrey Stein at 685 Third Ave and 43rd St

Wednesdays 9 a $40 for color or highlight, then get complimentary cut. Call ahead to book appointment.

Jeffrey Stein at 1336 Third Ave and 76th St.

Cuts for $10 held on Tuesdays; $10 highlights on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call ahead for an appointment.

John Frieda at 797 Madison Ave and 67th St

Training nights held either Tuesdays or Wednesdays after 6:30. Cut or color, $45 or less. Call 212-879-0409 to make an appointment

Paul LaBrecque, 171 E. 65th St

Mondays throughout the day. $20 for cut, $30 for color, $40 for highlights. By appointment only; East Side location only.

Parlor, 102 Ave B

Call ahead for an appointment—you may get one as early as the following week. $15 for color, cuts are free.

Redken Gallery, 565 Fifth Ave and 46th St

Call ahead for an appointment with a stylist—but be prepared to wait a month to land a cut. After an initial model consultation, the services are usually about $15.

Rumor Salon,15 E. 12th St., 2nd Fl
Opened by alumni of the prestigious Vidal Sassoon, our friends are known to come back with wonderful hair from Rumor. Tuesdays From 9a-12p, Rumor holds classes, and student hair stylists will give you a cut under the watchful eyes of hair specialists.

Toni & Guy, 473 Madison Ave

Visit the salon on a Friday at 6p. You'll have your picture taken and receive a hairstyle evaluation. If you are chosen, the salon will schedule you for a free haircut anytime from Sunday to Wednesday, during the hours of 8a-12p.

Younghee Salon, 64 Moore St

Model cuts are free Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays mid-day. Must come in first for a model-consultation.

Our girl Danielle Guerico styles at Shampoo Ave B on Ave B between 3rd and 4th Sts. A fellow bitch on a budget, this girl will get the job done right- no matter your price price. Cuts, styles, dyes, blow-outs, this girl does it all while looking like an absolute superstar. Pay her a visit on Fridays and Saturdays for a face-to-face session before you get beautiful- make sure to give her a big kiss from us Bitches.

And for the best treatment this side of Hollywood, visit Jesse at the Revolver Salon in Ricky’s on Crosby Street in Soho. From beard trims to dye jobs, we’ve seen him work miracles on a particular brunette bitch who always wanted to be a blonde- and she’s come out lookin flyer than Mary J. Just tell him we sent you ;)

Love, B

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