Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time to Indulge

Sometimes, you just gotta indulge.

Got a little extra money in your pocket?

These Bitches have been craving an ooey-gooey, melty chocolately delicious s’more. The standard campfire favorite, two graham crackers, one chocolate bar, and a touch of oozing marshmallow has been popping up at restaurants all over the city- and we want one NOW!

Here are the best places in New York to get a mind-blowing, face-meltingly yummy s‘more.

  1. Giogio’s of Gramercy, 27 East 21st St (between Broadway and Park Ave South)

We recommend: S’more bread pudding

The damage?

  1. Elizabeth, 265 Elizabeth St (between Houston St and Prince St)

We recommend: Rice krispie treats with chocolate peanut butter fondue and marshmallows

The damage? $9

  1. Zoe Restaurant, 90 Prince St (between Broadway and Mercer St)

We recommend: S’mores

The damage? $10

  1. Whym, 889 9th Ave and 58th St

We recommend: S’mores-wich

The damage? $10

  1. Alice’s Tea Cup, 102 W 73rd St and Columbus Ave

We recommend: Alice’s S’mores

The damage? $9

  1. Shopsin’s, 120 Essex St (between Rivington and Delancy St)

We recommend: S’mores pancakes

The damage? $7

  1. Max Brenner, 841 Broadway (between 13th and 14th Sts)

We recommend: Fondue s’mores

The damage? $20.25

NOTE: A personal favorite of Brooklyn Bitches on a Budget. Five Stars.

Do you have a favorite spot that could beat any of these? Send us your favs at bbonabudget@gmail.com, or tweet us @bbonabudget on Twitter.

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