Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Wish List

From all of us here at BK Bitches on a Budget, we hope you had a lovely Halloween! We successfully made this city our bitch, with a whirlwind of dance parties, bar adventures, and old friends. Hope you got to see us and check out what we were wearing (all of which costing zero dollars).

Here are some of the things we just can't help but think about on this first day of November:
1. Standard size Kit Kats. After an evening of trick-or-treating from party to party (free candy? you'd be out of your mind if you though we'd pass this is), we've come to the conclusion that the fun sized candies are just not as good as the real thing.
2. New sunglasses. We'll be inside until the sun sets this afternoon, unless we happen to come across a pair of face-blocking shades.
3. A car to take us to the nearest Duane Reade. Both myself and our Resident Bitch on Assignment have been looking forward to stocking up on half-priced candy yummies. Who needs Black Friday when you've got November 1st sales?
4. An old-school, straight-from-the-parents-basement Polaroid camera. Because the only thing funner than great times with old friends is tangible photos of the silly things you did the night before.
5. Self-setting clocks- we just know we forgot one, somewhere, in the midst of all the Halloween meets Daylight Savings crazies.

Happy November 1st, lovelies!

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