Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weekend Wish List

Happy Saturday, lovelies!

It's Saturday afternoon, and I'm deep in the throes of production on my latest. The snow outside is quickly turning into a blizzard (one of the most intense that New Jersey's seen in the past 20 years), but I'm still hoping Santa checks out my list before Christmas. It is the last weekend before the big day, after all. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for...

1. The special edition ultimate pink boxed set of Sex and the City. There's nothing like a snow storm to make a girl want to curl up in bed for a SATC marathon.
2. A sparkly party dress from Forever 21. Anything with sequins, bright colors, and/or possibly leopard print to rock to this week's plentiful festivities.
3. Erase Paste by Benefit Cosmetics, to conceal the tragically dark circles ringing my eyes and making me look less than party-ready. This brightening camouflage is a surefire way to look well-rested and fresh-faced in just seconds.
4. A date with Kid Cudi. While my boyfriend might be less than thrilled with my new love prospect, this week I have fallen in love, and I have fallen in love hard. Kid Cudi, if you're reading this, puhlease tweet me @ bbonabudget on Twitter- or my bestie, @mayhemindustry. My boyfriend's just gonna have to learn how to share.
5. A Bob cupcake from Sugar Sweet- yellow cake with chocolate almond buttercream, aka a perfect compliment to my to-go cup of Swiss Miss sitting beside me.

That's what I'm wishing for, darlings. What about you? Tell me what you want at or tweet me @ bbonabudget, and I promise I'll try to make it happen.

Stay warm out there!

xo B

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  1. Hoisting a cosmo and passing you the popcorn. Hit play on that DVD!