Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

Candy cookies? Check.

Dark circles under your eyes from our scary movie marathon suggestions? Check.

Cute, free costume? Check.

Plans for Halloween night? Hmm...

Still undecided about where toss back drinks and gorge on candy? The Brooklyn Bitches recommend celebrating anywhere except your living room couch- you get one day a year to go out, dressed crazy, and act a fool. Why waste the evening staying in? Plus, if you park your ass at home, you're obligated to provide for the stampedes of trick-or-treaters who are sure to be banging down your door. And that just means you'll have to buy candy that you don't even get to consume... so go out!

If you're not sure what your evening's agenda is looking like, don't throw in the towel just yet. Due to an overwhelming response, we've decided to share some of the stops we'll be making on All Hallows Eve.

Here's where you'll find us:

Halloween Dirt-Deth Rally
Where: 261 Moore St, Brooklyn
When: 4p-10p
How Much: Free with RSVP
Why: It's a tiny dirt bike race, where participants throw little pumpkins at each other. Live music, jerk chicken, strippers, and it's free. Duh.

Haunted Forest and House at Inwood Park
Where: Inwood Hill Park, 218th St and Indian Rd
When: 5p-10p
How Much: FREE!
Why: Although we might not make it to Inwood, we wish we could be enjoying free pizza, drinks, and candy in the only natural forest left in Manhattan. If you happen to be in the area (last stop on the A train), check it out- we hear Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Mummy will all be stopping by to say hello.

Village Halloween Party
Starting at 7p, this legendary parade welcomes all those in costume to march with puppets, superheros, monsters, musicians, and dancers from all over. All those wishing to participate must show up at 6th Ave, South of Spring St between 6:30p and 8:30p. Get a good spot for the action anywhere between Spring St and 23rd St, along 6th Ave.

True Blood Halloween Party and Costume Contest
Where: Hope Lounge (110 Hope St, Williamsburg)
When: 10p-4a
How Much: No cover!
Why: Our bestie, Sean, will be spinning all night so the vampires and ghosts can work it out on the dance floor. Not a fan of the show? Doesn't matter. Here's to making new friends of the night.

Tribeca Grand Halloween
Where: Tribeca Grand (2 6th Ave)
When: 9p
How Much: Free!
Why: If we were fancy ladies, we would celebrate holidays at hotels all the time. With a Svedka open bar and two levels or live performances, it'll certainly be a night to remember.

Holla Ween 3!
Where: Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker St)
When: 10:00p-4:00a
How Much: Free!
Why: We have a load of friends who will be causing all sorts of tricks at this Village bar, with free admission and live performances and DJ sets from The Crooked Disco DJs, DJ Morsy and DJ Kestar.

And even though it's not exactly a dance party, we have full intentions to stop by at Taco Bell and Chipotle locations throughout the city. A special Halloween promotion allows free "boo-ritos" at any Chipotle if you come dressed as any of their menu options (aluminum foil, anyone?), and Taco Bells in New York City are distributing free Black Jack tacos after 6p.

Stop by and say hello! And if you happen to have a few extra Reese's PB cups, you might gain yourself two new blondie best friends.

Happy Halloween!

Love, The Brooklyn Bitches

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get your Scare On

Brooklyn Bitches love being scared. While our mounds of dirty launry or looking into our rempty refridgerators often prompt a spine-chilling terror, we're talking about a different kind of fear- the scary movie.

Ah, the horror flick. There's nothing like sitting home alone, with the lights off, and preparing to have your pants scared off. Even the cheesiest, worst of the worst halloween movies can put you in the mood to scarf some cotton candy and prepare your trick-or-treating pillowcase. In the mood to score yourself a Halloween hottie? There's nothing more surefire than a scary movie that will leave you clutching for his hand.

In honor of Halloween, this is the best week of the year to get your fix of old school monster movies, b-horror flicks, and classic slasher films. Don't have cable? Not to worry. Chances are, your friend in Brooklyn with a TV is down for a scary movie night.

You can bring the popcorn, and let the monsters, psychos, and ghosts do the rest of the work.

3p: Reign of the Gargoyles on SyFy
4p: Cape Hear on Encore Mystery
4:15p: House on Haunted Hill on AMC
4:45p: Arachnophobia on Encore Action
5:00p: Ghost on We
5:25p: Jeepers Creepers on IFC
7:00p: The Skeleton Key on SyFy
8:00p: Scream on Showtime
8:30p: The Strangers on ThrillerMax
9:00p: The Eye on Showtime
9:00p: Final Destination 2 on SyFy
10:45p: Thirteen Ghosts on AMC

12:20a: Jurassic Park on ActionMax
1:00a: Leprechaun on SyFy
2:00a: Halloween on The Movie Channel 2
5:30a: The Ghoul on TCM
8:30a: Pumpkinhead on SyFy
11:30a: House on Haunted Hill on AMC
12:00p: Friday the 13th part III on Spike
1:00p: The People Under the Stairs on BET
1:05p: The Mist on Showtime Too
3:45p: Isle of the Dead on TCM
4:30p: Interview with the Vampire on SyFy
4:30p: Jaws on ThrillerMax
5:00p: Gaslight on TCM
8:00p: Dark Water on Oxygen
8:00p: Final Destination on Encore
8:00p: Young Frankenstein on AMC
9:40p: Funny Games on ActionMax
10:00p: The Others on Oxygen
10:00p: Saw IV on Showtime Beyond
10:00p: Scream 3 on MTV
10:30p: The Amityville Horror on AMC
11:30p: The Craft on Encore

SATURDAY (although if you're stuck home watching scary movies on Halloween night, this is not a brooklyn-bitch-endorsed activity)
1:00a: Blood Angels on Spike
1:15a: 30 Days of Night on Encore
1:50a: Predator 2 on HBO Zone
3:00a: Buffy the Vampire Slayer on AMC
7:00a: I Still Know What You Did Last Summer on FX
7:50a: Teen Wolf on ThrillerMax
8:00a: Friday the 13th on Spike
10:45a: Diary of a Madman on TCM
11:15a: Basic Instinct on ThrillerMax
12:00p: Halloween on TCM
3:30p: Curse of the Cat People on TCM
4:30p: Psycho beach Party on Logo
5:00p: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on TCM
5:00p: Ginger Snaps on IFC
6:00p: Halloween H20 on FX
6:00p: Night of the Living Dead on AMC
8:00p: Carrie on Encore
8:00p: Disturbing Behavior on Flix
8:15p: The Body Snatcher on TCM
9:45p: Circus of Horrors on TCM
10:00p: Hannibal on Bravo
11:40p: Psycho III on Encore Mystery

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Costumes on a Budget

Hello darlings,

We're getting closer and closer to Halloween- one of our favorite holidays of the year. Don't have your costume yet? Don't fret. The following costumes are all free free free if you can find some staples in your closet.

-Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's is always a classic. All you need is a little black dress and some fab oversized sunglasses.

-Rachel Zoe. Pick out your fiercest outfit, toss on some fur and jewelry, and it's bananas how much you'll resemble our favorite fashionista.

-Think Quentin Tarantino, and every Uma Thurman role that's ever been cast. Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction, the jilted bride in Kill Bill- chances are, you've got a men's white button-up or a yellow zip-up hoodies floating around.

-Scour your closets for everything pink, stick a stuffed Chihuahua in your purse, and bam- you're Elle Woods.

-Wednesday Adams. Long sleeved black dress, white collared shirt, black belt, pigtails. Done.

-Miss Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde. High waisted skirt? Check. Floppy hat? Check. Badass scowl? Double check.

Planning to go in a group? Some of the best combinations we've seen include:

-Saved by the Bell

-The always classic (but well-executed) Wizard of Oz

-Team Zissou, a la The Life Aquatic

-Gilligan's Island is a fabulous group costume, as long as you don't get stuck playing the Professor!

-Scooby Doo's Mystery Crew. You don't have to hit American Apparel if you have some basic color staples, and a couple friends. Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and Freddie are quite easy to do.

-Jack and Meg White. Grab your bestie guy friend, don't comb your hair, and comb your closet for black, red, and white.

Got any more suggestions? Send them to us at, or tweet us @bbonabudget.

Tricks and Treats,


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Use for Leftover Halloween candy

If you’re like us, you’ve been taking advantage of fun-sized Halloween candy bags for the past two weeks. Our personal favorite, the Reese’s variety pack, has provided us with many filling dinners (dairy in chocolate + protein from that creamy peanut butter), and M&M’s count for the best breakfast around.

If you’re starting to crave a little variety, you can always make cookies with the floaters left in your candy bowl. Here is one of our Mama Bitch’s favorites.


1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature

3/4 cup dark brown sugar

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1 large egg

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1 12-ounce package small peanut butter cups, coarsely chopped


1. Heat oven to 375.

2. In a large bowl, whisk flour, baking soda, and salt.

3. Beat the butter and sugars until creamy.

4. Add egg and vanilla and beat to combine.

5. Add flour mixture.

6. Add peanut butter cups.

7. Drop tablespoon-size mounds of dough onto baking sheet and bake until light brown around the edges (12-15 min).

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fort Greene on a Budget

Think Fort Greene's just another gathering ground for yuppies pushing strollers? While this perception is somewhat true, the cheap eats and free events would entice even the hardest of baby haters- plus there's the low hipster per sq mile ratio as an added bonus. It might not be the place to do some thrift shopping, nor is it a place for those who detest children. This week's edition of Neighborhood on a Budget features Halloween-themed activities that won't break the bank. Check out our picks for having way more fun in Fort Greene than you'd think.

1. Food House, 108 Dekalb Ave, is the perfect place to enjoy a cheap burrito ($5) or some chicken lo mein ($3.50) while you watch the WASPy families parade by. It's the classic Mexican-Chinese storefront, no haute cuisine here- but if that's what you were looking for, you wouldn't have wound up on our site :) Save some shredded cheese for throwing purposes only. Worth the money and worth a try.
2. Desserts by Michael Allen, 1015 Fulton St, offers truly delicious desserts and yummy coffee for waaay less than you'd pay in Manhattan. Slices of flourless chocolate cake, Apple Sour Cream Walnut Pie, and Classic Cheesecake only set you back $4.50, with cupcakes, madelienes, truffles, scones and macaroons falling way below the $3 mark. Whatever your sugar-laden poison, you're more than guaranteed to find it here.
3. Alibi, at 242 Dekalb Ave), is the perfect dive bar for your afternoon of yuppiness with a $4 Guinness. At Alibi's, you'll be surrounded by all the people you wish you were with all day. Fully stocked with all the arcade games you could ask for, and you can always move to play a game of pool when you get bored. We'd recommend the back room if you're meeting some friends and want to catch up.

1. Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), 30 Lafayette Ave, is a world-renowned school that offers concerts, shows, screenings, and performances to the public. Currently on display is a beautiful exhibit by artist Leo VIllareal. Titled 'Stars', Villarela's installation uses LED lights to resonate with the structure and the activity within. Check their schedule online at for up-to-date events and monthly calendar.
2. The Brooklyn Flea, 176 Lafayette Ave, is completely free and is one of the largest secondhand markets in Brooklyn. Come early for the best selection of clothes, vinyl records, and furniture. You just might need to enlist the help of some friends to help you carry your treasures away! Don't have the benjamins to support these purchases? Not to fret. Food vendors often give away tons of samples, and vendors dump their misc items at the end of the day for no additional cost.
3. Don't have your halloween costume yet? Stop by the Salvation Army at 436 Atlantic Ave, and take a browse through the racks. If you don't find anything Halloween-appropriate, challenge yourself to find an ultra badass outfit for $1 or less. Believe us, it's possible.

1. Fort Greene Park Halloween Festival features all sorts of Halloween- themed activities, including free hayrides, face-painting, stilt-walkers, free pumpkins to decorate, a spooky cemetery, and live entertainment. The event kicks off with a doggie costume contest and ends with a kids costume parade, on Halloween (Oct 31). Events will be happening all day at Washington Park, between DeKalb and Myrtle Aves.
2. At Habana Outpost, 757 Fulton St, Saturday's Halloween party will feature a "Monster Bash Dance Party" following a costume contest and free arts and crafts. Bring your favorite lil' nugget to enjoy the child appropriate activities, or bring your best snark-faced girl and make monster faces at all the costumed babies.
3.Stop by BAM for Free Live Music every Friday and Saturday this month is a wallet-friendly way to spend a few hours. Bring your picnic from the Food House, along with a flask of your favorite cocktail, and enjoy the sounds of free live music and dance parties. Doors open at 8p, and drinks are available once inside.

Spring for the more expensive bourbon at Smoke Joint, and you'll be glad that you did. While we're huge fans of price over quality, this is one area where you'd probably prefer not to scrimp, if you can help it.

We'd also advise bringing along a doggie bag of your favorite Halloween candy if you choose to participate in any of the above events. Chances are, candy may be scarce, and it's never cute when you make a seven-year-old Spiderman cry because you've snatched his KitKat. COST: $11.25 (not including $2.25 Metrocard) Happy travels!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Wish List

Happy Sunday, lovelies!

This weekend's edition of the wish list is brought to you from the magical, calming beaches of new jersey, where a few bitches decided to take the weekend off and hide in paradise.

Although this place is close to perfect, there are a few things that we just can't help but wish for...

1. Permanent fall weather. Like every other New Yorker (and fellow residents of the surrounding metropolitan area), we can't WAIT to bust out the fall coats, knit hats, boots, and fingerless gloves- and keep them out until winter. Mother Nature, get it together.
2. An economy sized bag of Reese's Halloween candy mix. Cups, Stix, and Pieces... that's enough delicious peanut butter and chocolate to hold us over for an evening.
3. A road trip. Maybe it's the fall, maybe it's the lull before a production-heavy adventure, but these bitches are just itching to hit the road. feel like housing some beautiful blonde Brooklyn babes for free? room AND board included? email us, stat, at
4. A fresh batch of Simpler-Than-Sin cookies. Our resident Bitch on Assignment has been steadily perfecting her favorite recipe, and we still can't get enough.
5. A fire pit. Because somewhere in our 600-sq-ft Williamsburg apartment, we need to find somewhere to roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, and cuddle by the fire. Is there anything better than the smell of burning leaves and wood? We think not.

What are you guys dreaming of this weekend? Be sure to send us all of your wishes at, or tweet us at bbonabudget.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Quick, Cheap, and Filling

Hola, readers!

The key to a successful stir-fry is keeping it interesting with a variety of flavors, textures, and colors. While M and I scarcely have the funds to make a truly beautiful, Top-Chef-worthy dish, our basic recipe for stir fry is always a hit with a group of hungry boys.


Brown Rice


Teryaki sauce (if desired)

Nuts (we adore peanuts and cashews, which are easy to cut and absorb the flavor of the dish while providing a satisfying crunch)


Vegetables (you can use anything from bell peppers, carrots, onions, corn, edamamme, broccoli-anything you may have frozen and forgotten about in the freezer)

  1. Boil desired amount of water for rice (usually ½ cup of rice = 1 cup of water).
  2. Add rice to boiled water. Cover, and let simmer. Check every five minutes, stirring occasionally.
  3. Marinate chicken in teryaki sauce mixture, if desired. If not, skip to step four.
  4. In a skillet, cook chicken.
  5. Cut all vegetables into bite-sized pieces, and defrost if necessary.
  6. Add vegetables to non-stick pan. Keep in mind that certain vegetables (like carrots) take longer to cook than others (mushrooms). Add nuts.
  7. Combine chicken and vegetables and let flavors marinade together.
  8. Serve chicken and vegetable over brown rice, with soy sauce.

Perfect for a rainy day when you’re starving and you think you have nothing to eat.


The Bitches

Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to: Get Free Starbucks

Getting free stuff at Starbucks is easier than you’d think. If you’re not fortunate enough to have a friend that works behind the counter (we wish!), here are a few ways you can charm your way to free things.

1. (Our favorite, and always a crowd pleaser) Smile. Don’t tap your feet or complain about how long the line is. Simply put? They know you want your coffee, and that you want it now. Just be friendly. The more they get to know you and like you, the better things could be. Just don’t be an asshole, even if you are in a rush.

2. Ask for samples. You might feel lame, but it usually works. There is a specific quota each Starbucks has to make a day for free samples. Help them fill it. Seasonal drinks are usually your best bet- ask for a short size.

3. Look at the drink hand-off counter for forgotten drinks. Sometimes people grab the wrong ones. Sometimes the barista goofs- and if so, she usually doesn’t want to waste the drink by pouring it in the sink. Sometimes people get impatient and walk away. If you’re really sneaky, grab whatever is being handed over and run for the hills.

4. Apparently, Starbucks has a “yes” policy where they can refill an empty water bottle with water. Any bottle, liter sized or smaller, should be fine to fill for free. If it’s much bigger than a liter, you’re being greedy and are going to take up too much of their time.

5. If you are in need of cardboard boxes, Starbucks usually has a stash in the back. Keep this in mind if you’re moving or just feel like doing some arts-and-crafts.

6. For free food, hit Starbucks (or any other chain establishment, like Dunkin Donuts, The Bagel Store, etc) minutes before closing. They usually begin to mark out everything that they can’t sell tomorrow or put it in a bin for a homeless shelter. Be sure to be polite when you ask- they can get in huge trouble if their boss catches them giving handouts.

7. If you are going to buy a coffee machine from Starbucks, they will usually throw in a free pound of coffee with purchase. Only if you ask! We’ve seen people get up to five free pounds with purchase of a really expensive espresso machine.

8. The magical Starbucks card, even a $5 one, comes with free wi-fi, a free drink, and more. The only catch is you have to register it online, and use the card about every 30 days to keep the free Internet. Other benefits include free syrups, free refills, and free food (on specified dates for particular items) when you pay with the card.

9. Starbucks doesn’t charge for whipped cream. Just ask for it before they make your drink.

Good luck!



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bitches Like Tacos

Craving a taco? Cheaper than pizza or a $5 foot-long, we often forget just how amazing a simple taco can be. Perfect for feasting after a night of dancing or a long day in the office, we’ve found that tacos are hunger’s answer to just about anything.

Not in Manhattan or Brooklyn? No worries! We’ve rounded up the five cheapest, most delicious taco places in all five boroughs. Do us a favor and try the guacamole!

Here are some of your yummiest tacos for Taco-Bell prices.


Ziggiz, 333 3rd Ave

Suggested taco: Spicy BBQ Chicken Taco

Price: $3.20

Pinche Taqueria, 227 Mott St

Suggested taco: Taco de Carne Asada

Price: $2.95

Downtown Bakery, 69 1st Ave and 4th St

Suggested taco: Chorizo Tacos

Price: $7 (a worthy investment)

Tehuitzingo Deli and Grocery, 695 10th Ave at 47th St

Suggested taco: Simple tacos w/ red and green sauce

Price: $2


El Diablo Taco Truck, 484 Union Ave

Suggested taco: Pork Taco

Price: $2

Brooklyn Pita Palace, 243 Bushwick Ave

Suggested taco: Three grilled vegetable tacos

Price: $2.75

Matamoros Puebla Grocery, 193 Bedford Ave

Suggested taco: Sloppy taco with radishes

Price: $2

Tacos el Ray, 3168 Coney Island Ave at Brighton Beach Ave

Suggested taco: Fish taco

Price: $4

Yola’s CafĂ© Mexican Food, 524 Metropolitan Ave

Suggested taco: Carne enchilada taco

Price: $3

San Loco, 160 N 4th St (between Bedford Ave & Driggs Ave)

Suggested taco: Taco Loco

Price: $4.25


De Mole, 45-02 48th Ave, Woodside

Suggested taco: Fresh Chicken Taco

Price: $3

Tacos Mexico, 8812 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing

Suggested taco: Rajas Taco

Price: $1.75

Taquerias Los Portales, 2508 Broadway, Long Island City

Suggested taco: Al Pastor taco

Price: $3


Guacamole ‘X, 455 Morris Park

Suggested taco: Chicken taco

Price: $2.50

El Taco Loco, 283 E Kingsbridge Rd

Suggested taco: Beef taco

Price: $3

La Esquina, 1282 Southern Blvd, Claremont Village

Suggested taco: Steak tacos

Price: $7.50

Fresh Taco Take Out, 1041 Morris Park Ave

Suggested taco: Cheese and beans taco

Price: $1.125

Santa Clarita, 237 Willis Ave

Suggested taco: Beef taco

Price: $2.10


First Tortillas
304 New Dorp Ln

Suggested taco: Tofu (yep, tofu!) soft-shelled tacos

Price: $3.50

Fresh Tortillas & Taco, 78 Victory Blvd

Suggested taco: Spicy Chicken taco

Price: $2

La Candela Espanola, 3921 Amboy Rd

Suggested taco: Tacos al Pastor

Price: $3.25

Venga Mexican Grill, 1903 Victory Blvd

Suggested taco: Anything with guacamole. It’s seriously THAT good.

Price: $2-3

We love cheap tacos! Send us your favorites at

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feel like a Rockstar for Free!

Over at Brooklyn Bitches on a Budget, we love music and movies- especially when both are happening at the same time! We’re also huge fans of this year’s CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival, from Oct 20- 24th. The festival draws over 120,000 fans from across the world annually to celebrate the best of music and movies.

For those of you not up on your music festivals, CMJ Network prides itself on introducing new music, first, to all of us hip and fabulous people, in New York and beyond. Their festival actually starts today, October 20th, in New York City. By using interactive media and live events, CMJ connects music fans with music industry professionals across the world. Their festival, the largest and longest-running music industry event of its kind, is renowned for being one of the coolest tours in the area- if you’re lucky enough to score a ticket.

Movies being screened include The Men Who Stare At Goats, The Messenger, The Fourth Kind (which looks absolutely terrifying), Searching for Elliott Smith and Cuba 1961: A Love Story. The music portion is famously ahead of the times, previously showcasing bands such as REM, Green Day, U2 and The Killers before they were famous. This year, we highly recommend catching Tribute Wars, an all-metal tribute to Michael Jackson and the Bee Gees.

CMJ will even be sponsoring a discussion and performance of Hair on October 23rd at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre.

Worried that you don’t have enough bank to experience the festival? Not to worry. Our favorite photog, Nicky Digital, is hosting a showcase at Ella Lounge, featuring Adam Tensta, Sigmund Droid, Kap10Kurt and Bad Brilliance, as well we DJ sets by Gavin Royce, Cobra Krames, and the Boogie Brothers. An open bar of PBR is sure to keep the party going late, and NickyDigital will be on hand to personally capture all of your steamy, sweaty, drunken adventures and show them to the world, at Best part? Totally free with RSVP, Be sure to take a break from your dancing and drinking, and shower our guy with kisses.

Break out your fiercest rockstar-girlfriend approved ensemble (we suggest skinnies and your fiercest cowboy boots), as there will be plenty of high rollers and big shots to meet. Take notes on how to best impress that indie hipster you’ve been eyeing in your existentialism class- when his band makes it big, you’ll know what his next step should be!

Check out for more details, and please hit us up at and let us know if you enjoyed yourselves!