Friday, March 5, 2010

Free Friday

Looking to have a wonderful end to your week?

Here are ten ways to have a lovely Friday. Best of all? They're all free.

1. Smile at strangers. And not just cute boys on the subway.
2. Slow down. It's Friday.
3. Say thank you.
4. Give lots of compliments. You know how great it feels when somebody tells you that your hair's looking fabulous when you're having a total fat day. Return the favor as many times as you can without sounding cheesy or fake.
5. Wear something pretty. That dress you've been saving for something special? Well, break it out. Today's sure to be that day.
6. Put on perfume. It's almost springtime- 15 days to go!- which means it's almost time to rotate your winter smells with ones for warmer, sunnier skies.
7. Observe and listen. Just stop talking and let someone else do the work for once.
8. Be charming. Smile with your eyes, banter wittily with a stranger, and hold the door open for someone else.
9. Laugh. Whether it's a stupid movie, a bad knock-knock joke, or a silly ad. Let loose with a case of the giggles.
10. Wish people a lovely day.

Have a great day today!


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