Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Wish List

Good morning fellow Bitches!

The weather has left us something to be desired, and we’re pretty close to heeding the call of our lovely Tempur-Pedic bed and crawling right back under the sheets for a day of R & R. If only we could brew coffee from bed…

This past week has been a series of stressful events, and we’re looking forward to just 24 more hours before catapulting into Monday. To help us do so, we can’t help but wish we had a couple of things to get us motivated. Namely, any of the below five items…

1. Ripe avocados at the supermarket. Last week’s midnight viewing of Food, Inc has left us all sorts of disgusted with the state of the food industry as a result of corporate greed. Produce shipped from halfway around the world? Vegetables and fruits genetically manipulated to be larger, sweeter, brighter? We would really adore a naturally ripe avocado for some lunchtime munching.
2. A warm and melty Macarella from the Street Sweets truck. Just in time for Passover, this holiday favorite is a coconut macaroon filled with Nutella. Two of our favorite things in one mouthful? Yes please.
3.  The perfect grey wrap dress that eluded us at a suburban garage sale in New Jersey yesterday. We literally turned our backs, and it vanished into the arms of an otherwise unfortunate housewife with surprisingly good taste. If you happen to spot this dress walking around your local supermarket, re-claim and send to Brooklyn immedietly!
4. An acceptable pair of denim shortie cutoffs to wear out in public. The tattered Daisy Dukes in our dresser drawer are best left for gardening, cleaning under the sink, and substituting as rags to mop the floor. We love the chic look of sheer black tights, a dark trench, and denim cutoffs.
5. An artistically inclined web designer to help with a personal project and website. Our creative juices are at a temporary halt, and we could use all the help and advice we can get from a professional.

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Have a great weekend!


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