Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10 Ways to Re-use that Ziploc Bag

We’re already quite aware of all the things we can- and can’t- stuff into a Ziploc bag. This longtime lifesaver has saved leftovers, mouse-proofed our perishable goods, and hauled more school supplies than we’d care to admit.

A recent article from Real Simple magazine (our mecca for all sorts of New Uses for Old Things, time-saving dinners, and housewife house cleaning tips) turned us to to the many more uses that a Ziploc can do.

Next time you’re breaking out America’s favorite resealable goodie bag, keep in mind all the other ways you can make it work.

  1. Give Martha Stewart a run for her money by piping frosting like a pro. Snip off a little corner of the bag, fill with frosting of your choice and use as a pastry bag.
  2. Fill a bag with ice cubes or an ice pack and soothe an injury. Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation: the four primary rules for sprains and bruises.
  3. Make a pie crust by breaking up graham crackers and rolling over with a rolling pin.
  4. Bitches on a Budget usually have to dash to some fabulous event with little notice. Roll a complete outfit into a gallon-sized plastic bag (we suggest an ensemble that’s heavy on leggings or shorite shorts). Press the air out, and seal.
  5. Store tights and panty hose in a Ziploc. Slip the corner of the package that tells you the size, color, and brand and include in your bag so you never mix up Nude, Tan, and Nearly Naked ever again.
  6. Remove chewing gum or wax from a tablecloth or carpet by gently rubbing the gum with a Ziploc bag filled with ice cubes until it hardens. Shatter the gum with a blunt object, than vaccum up the chips!
  7. Use a one or two gallon bag to hold an entire meal. If you double (or triple) a dinner recipe for leftovers later in the week, just bag and freeze for future consumption.
  8. Protect delicate cargo without bubble wrap by slipping a straw into the top of a nearly closed Ziploc bag and inflate. Remove the straw and seal to make a cushion.
  9. Knead bread or pizza dough. Place dough in a Ziploc and knead your heart out.
  10. Store make-up, shampoo, and shower goodies in Ziplocs when traveling to prevent that Oh-My-God-My-Garnier-Fructise-Exploded-And-Ruined-Entire-Vacation-Wardrobe situation that we’ve all experienced.
Do you have an unusual use for a Ziploc bag? Send us your secret weapon and we’ll try ‘em out.

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