Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to: Get the Beer Flowing

Bbqs, frat parties, family gatherings, block parties are just a few of the events on our calendars for the rest of the summer. There’s nothing like a late-July cook-out at an old friend’s house, hot dogs on the grill and marshmallows nearby for roasting s’mores to really feel like summertime. Old friends, new friends, cool family members, boyfriends and girlfriends mingle, dance, and catch up on everything that’s happened since last time. Well prepared to keep the fun going long into the night, you pass your red cup to a friend to refill from the keg.

However, when you look around your group of friends and realize that you all went to art school, it’s very apparent that nobody has a clue how to tap a keg. At the risk of totally losing your cool and asking an older cousin or relative to show you the ropes, you stand to lose access to this magical device promising an evening full of alcohol for all of your friends.

Luckily, the Brooklyn Bitches have never experienced such a situation, and we’re just trying to save you the horrible prospects of a night without beer.

  1. After you picked up the foam, you’re gonna want to let it sit for awhile. All of the moving caused a lot of foam to build up, and trying to get it started right away can only result in disaster. Get it in the appropriate position, and leave it.
  2. Remove the seal.
  3. Line the notches of your tap with the hole at the top of the keg. The open slits guide the tap’s notches and keep it in place. The ball bearing acts as a stopper and is forced up by the pressure inside the keg.
  4. Push down the ball bearing to make way for the beer flow.
  5. Slide the tap into place, turning clockwise. Keep pushing the tap down! It’s hard work, but just think of all the beer that awaits. Once the tap is in place, it should lock.
  6. Pour a few cups of beer right away to get rid of the foam without wasting any precious beer. Each cup will hold about half a beer once the foam collapses.
  7. Get yourself a cup, a prime spot on the patio, and prepare for that summer barbeque you’ve been dreaming about since January.
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