Friday, July 16, 2010

Obsession of the Week

So you know when you're in a rush to meet your friends at a bar, and you've just perfected the "fabulous-without-looking-like-I-did-a-thing" tousled hair and the "you-wish-your-eyes-could-look-this-good" eyes, and you hoof it out the door only to find yourself gaping at your reflection in the mirror above the sink in some dank dive bar all of twenty minutes later?

Gone is the magazine covergirl-worthy glamourpuss who lives in your apartment. Staring back at you is a freakazoid of a hipster with frizzy hair that can barely clear the door frame, along with runny mascara and smeared liner. And you haven't even finished that bottle of Bud, while already sporting the hot mess look.

Hello, welcome to summer. It doesn't look pretty.

Let's face it. An unlimited MetroCard is a luxury most Brooklyn Bitches can't afford (although it doesn't seem like that's a trustworthy option these days, thanks to the MTA... P.S. check this out if you haven't heard the latest), so we spend most of our summer nights sprinting over the Williamsburg Bridge or dashing through the Lower East Side as to not miss a second of fun. Unfortunately for us, all the dashing and running and sprinting does little to no good for our going out looks.

Enter, our savior: John Frieda's Frizz Ease Hair Serum, a product designed with all of us high-rollers and hectic-lifers in mind. Use it either after shampooing or on already dry hair, by combing through and distributing evenly.

Reasons why we're obsessed:
1. Along with maintaining your hair as-is, the product works to prevent frizz, by some magic hair science that flattens those follicles while somehow still boosting shine. It combats humidity and heat, leaving you with your best-looking frizz-free hair.
2. The product doesn't discriminate; it works for all hair types. From the most bottle-blonde in our bunch to the girl with the spiral curls, it has the same great results on any type of hair. Whether you style straight or curly, up or down, thick or thin, the serum will still be your best friend. We've even heard whispers that it works great on bad Mall perms and crunchy, over-straightened locks.
3. The lightweight formula gives your hair a slight bit of texture but leaves absolutely no flaky finish, sticky glue-like residue, or clumpy gobs behind. One smooth application and you're well on your way to fighting the dreaded frizzies and keeping your hair under control.
4. If it couldn't get any better (see amazing reasons #1-4), it also comes in a travel sized tube, making for good hair days no matter where you are.

While we can't attest to the runny make-up face and sweat stains you will inevitably encounter, being as it is July in the city and we're often on the go, rest assured that good hair days are totally attainable, even when a Bitch has someplace to be. Pick it up and try for yourself at Duane Reade ($4.50), Wal-Mart ($6.78), or CVS ($6.59). Thank you, John Freida. You never let us down. If you'd care to sponsor a few Brooklyn Bitches who would rock your hair products like runaway models, you know where to find us.

Totally Bitchin' Throwback: Welcome!

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