Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Wish List

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood, and we are some of the only ladies not beating the heat for a prime spot at Siren Fest today. Instead, we’re spending the weekend at our ocean hideaway, far far away from our stifling Williamsburg apartment and completely empty fridge.

Jealous? Don't be! Although the laundry services are first-class, and the front yard is excellent, there are still plenty of things we're dreaming of as we tan and relax.

This weekend's wish list includes the following:
1. Patricia Field can do no wrong- especially when it comes to rhinestone and feathers. This rhinestone-chain sparkle-adorned leaves nothing to the imagination, and makes a perfect addition to any Brooklyn Bitch's closet...especially because it is made, by special order, in whatever color you want. What better to wear at the next Celebrate Brooklyn concert in Prospect Park? 
2. The citrus squeezer, seen here, for dual-action lemon/lime juicing. It's enough to make plastic-bottled squeezy lemon and lime juices practically vile in comparison. Plus, what's a Tom Collins, an Aviation, or a gimlet without a little shot of lemon?
3. Nonstop reruns of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. We're kind of not speaking to Hulu, who is only airing four full episodes from random points in the season. What's a Brooklyn Bitch to do when cable isn't in the budget and the only reruns we can find are in Japanese? Ugh.
4. The Mad Men obsession continues, as I am only three discs away from being completely caught up. I have been running to the mail every afternoon like I did when I was waiting for my college acceptances. However, this current potential delivery is waaaaay more important- will Sally Drapper continue her klepto-tendencies? Will Betty and Don stay together? Will Roger and Jane really get married? I need to know all of these things.
5. Fresh mozzarella cheese from the old Italian woman who lives (and works) next door. Shop Rite and the corner market here at the beach can't even come close to the magical cheese store on Metropolitan Ave. Made from scratch, she'll even consider giving you a sample if you concede to wash it down with a dusty bottle of Andre that's been open on the counter since 1963. Try for yourself and stop by Tedone Latticini Dairy products, at 597 Metropolitan Ave.

Have a fantastic weekend, lovelies. Try to stay cool!


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