Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DIY: Indian Summer

Does anyone happen to know if we’re in the throes of an Indian Summer*?

Just because we’ve flipped the page on our calendar doesn’t mean the heat is off, and the Bitches have been trying all sorts of things to combat this new wave of transition.

Some of our favorite ways to stay cool:
1. Pack your largest canvas tote with an old sheet and a stack of the latest September issues. No matter what you’re reading, from Vanity Fair to Vogue to New York magazine to Film Comment, fall is the season for change. Who says you can’t work on your tan while reading about what to expect once it’s sweater weather?
2. Phase out the ratty old Navy flip-flops for cute fall shoes with peep toes and open backs. A cute and non-committal way to step into the new season. Extra points for doing up your toes in shades of chocolate brown, navy, and jet black.
3. Creating new flavor combinations for our adult ice pops, last seen here. We’re looking to expand beyond the standard margarita and bloody Mary popsicles, but Jack Daniels has proven slightly more difficult to freeze…
4. Couldn’t afford the air conditioning this summer? At least the MTA is good for something! Pick the chilliest line (we usually have good luck on the L for this specific reason) and ride it till the end while contemplating the truly serious puzzles worth pondering: who to sit next to in class, the appropriate time to wear bright-colored tights under your shorts, and what to be for Halloween. Plan the length of your train trip/ AC Joy Ride accordingly.
5. Plan your outdoor activities for the evening hours. It will be cooler, you will look beautiful in the glow of the sunset, and you’ll be able to enjoy the days of prolonged daylight before it becomes time to hibernate like a polar bear. Bar patios, picnics in the park, and the last remaining outdoor concerts are at their peak levels for enjoyment.

And how to stay warm?
1. A steaming mug of hot chocolate. Stock up on Nesquick and milk for that day when a mug to warm your chilly hands beckons you. Until then, enjoy some chocolate milk with a crazy straw- whipped cream optional.
2. Break out the cozy, worn-in slippers you almost wore to shreds last winter. One of these days, you’ll wake up and need a little barrier between your feet and the cold apartment floor (especially before the heat is turned on)!
3. Keep that treasured blanket on standby. Words cannot describe the magical feeling of that first reach-for-the-blanket weather that signifies that fall is coming.
4. It’s not exactly going to keep you warm temperature-wise, but it’s best to start slowly phasing out your ultra-bronzing bronzer and all the make-up used when you’re at your tannest. Fall and winter are the seasons where even, golden skin is hard to come by- it’s time to revisit your blush and concealer that rocked your make-up bag back in October and November.
5.  Make yourself a bangin’ 2010 summer playlist with all your warm-weather favorites. Our mix includes Metric, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, and The Roots (all of whom we coincidentally got to rock out to in Prospect Park). Dance around while you pull out those fall sweaters, knee socks, and leather jackets we know you’ve been waiting to wear. Lots of jumping is great for keeping your blood circulating.

In between?
We recommend sleeping with the windows open a tiny crack (to best circulate the air flow and ease your air conditioning bills if it’s warm, to give you that delightful shiver and a reason to bury under the covers if there’s a slight chill in the air).

Remember how to layer your day-to-day ensembles. Whether your natural habitat is a subzero office building, over-heated classroom, or all-around question mark, pull out those lightweight knit hats, those sweater tights, and the fingerless gloves. Just because the weather is a little schizophrenic doesn’t mean you have to be, too!

It’s time to dig through your coat closets and check under the bed for all your favorite fall finds! From pea coats to lightweight scarves to buckle boots, it’ll be feeling like September in the blink of an eye.

Until then, Indian Summer, we raise our half-iced, half-hot coffee cups to you.


*We know it doesn’t really count as an Indian summer until the end of October when the temperatures are still off the charts and you’re rocking your denim shorties to your mid-term exams. However, it is, in fact, September. Don’t blame us for getting excited.

**The official end of summer is September 23rd this year.  

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