Monday, September 27, 2010

Make-It-Yourself Monday: Home Bar Edition

It should come as no secret that one of the Bitch’s most lusted-after items is a fully stocked bar cart. Sadly, this is the one piece of furniture we’ve resigned ourselves to staring at longingly, as it seems that all the truly cool-looking ones are well beyond our means (financially, and spatially)- not to mention the added cost of filling them with enough liquors, mixers, and garnishes to make it truly awesome.

Photo from The Jewish Hostess
Trolling the internet in search of a perfect rolling cart led us to several sites that recommended the most budget-friendly choices for stocking your at-home bar. Whether you’re a Bitch with a little extra money in her pocket or, like us, broke as ever but in need of some serious fodder to dream about, check out some of the lowest-priced suggestions for starting your own in-house bar on a budget.

Try picking up:
  1. Gordon’s London Dry Gin, $9, best for mixing up big pitchers of cocktails, as opposed to gin and tonics or gin martinis.
  2. Canadian Club Sherry Cask Whiskey, $18, an excellent lower end sweet, light whiskey, ideal for making mixed drinks that call for bourbon, scotch, or rye. Plus, we’re a fan of any whiskey recommendation that IS NOT Black Velvet whiskey.
  3. El Dorado White Rum, $13, makes a mean mojito or Daiquiri, thus an essential part of your summertime bar.
  4. Sobieski Vodka,  $12, after several distinctly hazy nights over giant plastic handles of Georgi vodka, this Bitch has made every decision to opt out of cheap vodka. While slowly introducing vodka back into my alcoholic diet, this brand makes a great base for cocktails like Long Island Iced Teas or Cosmos. Cheap and tasty.
  5. Jose Cuervo, $11, a cheap tequila that gets the job done.
  6. New Amsterdam Gin, $12, perfect as the gin you’ll be putting center stage for summer Martinis and gin fizzes.

Of course, an at-home bar would hardly be complete without the requisite Worcestershire sauce, grenadine, Tabasco, and maraschino cherries, and staples like lemons, limes, and olives deserve some attention as well. We look forward to the one day when we will be able to build our fantasy at-home bar, but until then… we raise our glasses to all of our other Brooklyn Bitches who don’t discriminate with their liquors when it comes to getting drunk.

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