Thursday, September 16, 2010

Students Just Wanna Have Fun

If you’re still in school, you’ve long known the power of a student ID. The good news for the rest of those recent (or maybe not-so-recent) grads? Most organizations are staffed by people who hardly give a shit, so they’re less likely to scour your plastic card for the exact dates of your graduation.

One of the favorite Brooklyn Bitch tricks for living the fabulous life on a shoestring includes visiting all the museums, movie theaters, and theaters our feet can carry us to, and we’ve been given significant discounts at certain venues just for carrying our IDs.

Whether you’ve got to tape yours back together, scour your old purse from college, or dig through that box of dusty textbooks leftover from your days of being in art school, use your ID to get discounts at places like:

  • Most diners near college campuses offer discounts of 10% or more on your check. Even if that just means a dollar off of your disco fries, consider that your pension for your next pack of cigs.

  • Some major movie theater chains offer student rates at certain times of the day (and sometimes only limited days per week). Still, it doesn’t hurt to check out your local AMC or Regal websites for their Best Ticket Price and plan accordingly. The days of us having an extra $15 to see the latest from Jason Schwartzmen are few and far between, and every dollar saved is a huge help. BAM offers $10 tickets for live performances and $9 movies.

  • While we’ve lucked out with a city full of suggested-donation art museums, some art schools have partnerships with places like the MOMA, the Met, and the Whitney to allow students to enter for free. Check out your college (or alma matter) website to see what you have access to.

  • If you’ve never participated in the firestorm of insanity that is also known as Student Rush, you’ve been missing out. For front-row access to the best Broadway shows in town at prices lower than your monthly Metrocard rate, all you have to do is wake up early, stand in a line at the box office for the show of your choosing, and enjoy the savings. Tickets run anywhere from $15-50, depending on the show of your choice. Box offices typically open around 10a, so get there before doors open for the maximum savings.

  • Use your student ID to book flights and other travel plans, as most chain motels and popular airlines offer at least 10-15% off when you book as a student.

  • While we know it’s a rather lofty suggestion for Bitches on a Budget, but don’t forget to claim your student privileges (and flash an ID) when making a purchase at Apple. The savings are huge and can lead to all sorts of freebies, from printers to iPods.

For tips on how to save big on yoga, the gym, and all sorts of cool Brooklyn Museums, check out this post on Brokelyn, written by Thomas Sullivan!

Have a great Thursday!

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