Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend Wish List

Weekend Wish List,

These past two days have been full of work, work, and more work with little rest before jumping back in tomorrow! Personally, I could get lost in my own daydreams of long mornings spent in bed with a stack of magazines and coffee, or even just the time to whip up a batch of crepes in my PJ’s and eat standing up over the sink.

I haven’t even had time to fully develop my top-secret Halloween costume plan, which means you know it’s serious.

Along with the above impossibles, this Bitch on a Budget is personally wishing for…

1. A red coat. Preferably, a short red peacoat. There is just something very A Woman is A Woman about a girl in a red coat, and although we can’t all look like Anna Karina, I’ll take what I can get. Haven’t seen it? It’s a classic 60’s French comedy, about a stripper and her quest to have a baby, no matter how.
2. Old picture frames. In my copious amounts of free time, this Bitch is attempting to recreate her very own Tenenbaum-esque wall of photos and portraits in the front hallway. Part Wes Anderson and Part Munsters, I’m hoping that my wall will come out the perfect balance of strange and cool. I’ve been seriously bummed out that my free time is limited to showering, eating bowls of cereal (for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack) before running out the door day after day, and trying to not put my contacts in the wrong eyes. I’d be much better suited with a day off and a really sick junk shop.
3. The latest album from Interpol. These boys make us want to get in fist-fights and then have sex (in no particular order). Even without Carlos (although we wish him the best of luck in whatever he's doing that doesn't involve Interpol), one of our favorite indie bands has managed to kill it yet again with their latest self-titled album.
4. Crunchy Granny Smith apples. My fruit guy at 46th St and 6th has been letting me down lately, passing off mushy, mealy apples with no regret. Ugh. Since I don’t have the time to pick them my own on some beautiful orchard upstate in the mountains, I am really wishing that my fruit man will just get with the program.
5. The complete James Bond Ultimate Collector’s Kit, currently on sale at Amazon for the low, low price of $260. While I’ve had several offers for boot-cut Japanese versions at the extremely reasonable cost of zero dollars, there’s just something about an over-dubbed Sean Connery that makes this extremely unappealing. However, 42 discs of unabashed bad-assness is enough to make this Brooklyn Bitch squeal.

And also, for an extra-special Brooklyn Bitch wish, we'd like to urge everyone to clap their hands very hard and make the Resident Bitch on Assignment all better. Pneumonia is not cute, although she's giving it a good run for its money. 

Hope you’re all getting time to rest, relax, and enjoy this last flash of summer weather before it’s time to layer on the sweater tights!


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