Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Challenge: Get Your Bed(room) in the Game

From the busiest Brooklyn Bitch to the closet couch potato, we guarantee that all of you have at least ten minutes to get your house in tip-top condition (especially if you pretend you’re on Supermarket Sweep, Home Edition…which is what I often do to motivate myself). This Wednesday Weekly Challenge is encouraging you to take a mere ten minutes and get your apartment in shape, one room at a time.

It’s time to get your boudoir in shape for the fall/winter season. While all of the work and cleaning may seem overwhelming, the Bitches will help you break it down so it’s less scary.
  1. Change your sheets and upgrade your bedding. Whether you live in an area where flannel sheets are perfectly acceptable, or you’d much prefer to drag your extra blankets out of the closet and sling them onto the bed, get ready for chillier nights as the temperatures continue to drop.
  2. Scout around your kitchen and living room for a lovely glass bottle. Wine bottles, clean milk bottles, mason jars now devoid of tomato sauce… whatever the bottle of your choosing, soak it in hot soapy water for about a half hour. Let dry. Fill with a pretty flower from the corner bodega.
  3. Use a Clorox disinfecting wipe to clean your computer screen and keys. It’s funny how the little things make us feel like our old things are brand new.
  4. Pull out your hair dyer and use it to blast dust and lint from hard-to-reach corners. Nothing sucks more than coming down with a case of the fall sniffles (especially with Halloween and CMJ right around the corner), so do what you can to prevent getting sick.
  5. Fold and hang up all of the clothes that are currently occupying the space under your bed, on your closet floor, and piled next to the hamper. While you’re at it, grab a few handfuls of the summer dresses and shorts you won’t be rocking again until next June, and store them in a large Tupperware box. Pull out those sweaters and flannel so you’re ready when that winter chill hits. There’s hardly anything less cute than being that girl shivering like the Littlest Match Girl in her summer shorties and summer v-neck on the colder days in fall.
  6. Put away your jewelry. It may sound trivial, but as a girl who often throws all of her chains and necklaces into a big bowl on her dresser only to throw temper tantrums an hour later when all of her favorite pieces are tangled, it only takes a minute and it saves you an epic amount of frustration.
  7. Empty the garbage can. Even if this means dumping it into the kitchen garbage, you’re more apt to take our your shredded papers and clothing tags with last week’s empty milk cartons and egg crates.
  8. Throw out your old magazines. You’re not fooling anyone when you claim that you’re still in the middle of reading your In Style magazine, circa 2005.
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