Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pirates Partner with Amazon and Make Beautiful Music

We’ll admit it (shamefully, while hanging our heads and shuffling our feet): most of our iTunes music library was not exactly…purchased.

We know. The shame.

However, we are willing to recognize this atrocity, and have stumbled upon our new favorite way to buy music, thanks to those adorable thrifty folks over at The Skint.

While not totally free, Amazon runs a daily promotion that puts hundreds of albums on sale daily for $3.99 or less. Currently on supersale? That’d be Teen Dream*, by indie darlings Beach House. Also rounding out the “free list” are albums from Philip Glass, Matisyahu, R.E.M., Matt White, and the latest from Barsuk records.

If none of those artists sounds appealing, reach into your wallet, count up your quarters, and meander over to the paid album column- you’ll find the latest from The Decemberists, The Go! Team, Cut Copy, Katy Perry, the Black Keys, The Decemberists, Mumford & Songs, The Avett Brothers, and the Arcade Fire. All $5.00 or less- legally.

For bonus free tracks, check out the Skint everyday, at Often links to free downloads are offered each and every day, allowing you to pimp up your music library without feeling like a pirate. Face it ladies: there’s just no way to make a peg leg look cute.

*Check it out for yourself here, while offers still last!

Totally Bitchin’ Throwback: Shameless Shout-Out!

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