Thursday, February 10, 2011

There's a Potato in My Sauce!

Have you ever made a pot of tomato sauce from scratch, so proud of yourself and your Betty-Draper/Martha-Stewart ways… and then you lean in for a taste? We’ve tasted homemade sauce that is so acidic, we want to throw the pot away. Instead, we spend the good part of an hour adding spices, brown sugar, even more canned tomatoes… anything to salvage the sauce while slowly draining the contents of the pantry.

Lesson learned from Father Bitch this weekend: peel a potato and throw it into the pot. The natural starchy root vegetable will absorb all of the acid from the canned tomatoes. Seriously.

Four factors contribute the acidity of sauce. These include the juice, the peel, the seeds- and overcooking. To compensate, try stepping away from the cupboards. Sometimes adding a little bit of this and a little more of that makes for a disgusting sauce, and an empty array of spices. There’s no need to throw everything you’ve got into the pot at once!

Trust us. Save your sauce, use a potato.

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