Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beat the Armory, Fight the Power.

Gosh, we would love to go to the Armory Show. And not just to catch a glimpse of Damien Hirst or to stalk Karen O.

However, the $30 price tag just ain’t gonna cut it for us. Even if we gave up all of our meals for six weeks and if we stopped paying for our heat. Luckily, the artsy fartsy folks that we know here in Brooklyn have decided to take one for the team and offer an alternative to the Armory. Here, for less than the cost of anything (at $0), is a fantastic way to spend the next four days.

Artists and exhibitors hail from all over the world, from Tokyo to London to Chicago, bringing art lovers the latest in paintings, sculptures, photos, installations, and video art.  Local artists get shown some love, And it’s all completely free. You heard us: free.

Tonight is the opening night party, 10p-4a, where you can drink red wine until your teeth are purple and you’re looking at paintings with your body twisted in the classic 90 degree angle position. Oh, girl- we’ve been there. And luckily we’ve got the extremely overpriced art degree to prove it. However, we’ve been looking forward to free art and wine since… last Thursday, and a terrific, once-a-year opportunity has presented itself as the show not to be missed!

Art Brooklyn will be running until March 6th, all over DUMBO. Stop by and scope the Brooklyn Art Now Show on display at 111 Front St, 2nd Floor, or stroll through some of our favorite places to source local art in Dumbo, including the LAND/LETC Gallery (67 Front St), Mighty Tanaka (68 Jay St), Amons Eno Gallery (111 Front St), or Smack Mellon (92 Plymouth St). Looking to spot the up-and-comers who may one day land a spot at an upcoming Whitney Biennial? Plan to visit the Brooklyn Artist’s Open Call Exhibition, held at 20 Jay Street on the 3rd Fl.

Check out the latest news and a full listing of gallery exhibitors at the official website, here

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