Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We have a confession to make, dear readers. We’ve promised big changes, a total web redesign, a visual overhaul, and we’ve delivered…nothing.

Blame it on the weather, blame it on our workload, blame it on the mysterious sickness that we’ve been struck with these past few days. We’re coming clean and laying it on the line: we’re sorry. Personally, we tend to distrust those who only blog once every seven weeks, who host giveaways with no clear winner, and who address comments to an audience of one or two readers.

You deserve better than that. We messed up. But we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve, and plan to share soon.

Within the course of the next two weeks, our blog will be evolving and changing before your very loyal eyes. We hope that you’ll stay tuned for all sorts of exciting new developments.

However, we’d love to get your input. First up on the agenda is a new name. Any thoughts? We’d like to hang on to our URL and our Twitter account, so anything B-B-o-a-B-friendly would be very much appreciated.

Please share your thoughts and feelings with us by commenting below, sending us a lovely Tweet @Bbonabudget, or emailing us at bbonabudget (at) gmail (dot) com.


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