Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feels like Spring to Me

If you get a chance to experience the outdoors once or twice a week, you’ll be able to feel that spring is coming out little by little. You may not feel it in the 11 degree mornings when you still need to bundle up, hat and gloves included, and you may be craving hot chocolate a helluva lot more than you’re craving lemonade.

However, Spring officially begins in less than three weeks, on March 20th, and we want you all to be prepared.

Some of our favorite things about spring?
  • The first roof party where you can drink beer outside without being chilly
  • The smell of a charcoal grill
  • The rainbow that awaits at the Union Square farmer’s market
  • Wearing dresses with no tights
  • Long walks to the river and hearing the first bells from the Softee truck
  • Needing to wear sunglasses at 6pm because it’s still bright out
  • Easter candy at every Duane Reade in town (and all the pastel pink peanut M&M’s that signal it’s arrival)
  • Blowing off all Wednesday commitments and getting into the Central Park Zoo for free (which we kind of just get excited about all week…)

This Wednesday, we’re challenging all of you to get a head start on spring. This means:

  • Spring cleaning. Dust your bookshelves, wash your windows, change your flannel sheets for a lighter, breezier jersey, defrost the freezer, dust your computer screen and your dresser top, organize your files, wipe your walls down (with the help of a Mr Clean Magic Eraser, your apartment will return to it’s pre-move-it-deposit status in less than an hour), vaccumm the deepest depths of your apartment, put things in the closet, hang your clothes on hangers instead of throwing them at the massive mountain of laundry on the couch. Doing these premilinary spring cleaning rituals early on will make for more time to go to the park and play Frisbee with your friends on the first warm day of the season. Plus, with a clean house, you can host the after-park cocktails later on in the evening.
  • Prepare your warmer-weather wardrobe. Do the standard keep/toss/donate three-garbage-bag routine, and donate your clothes to your favorite local thrift store. Start packing away the sweater tights and the cable-knit cardies, the things you (hopefully) won’t be wearing come April, and dig out the sundresses and t’s that you can start layering now. Get rid of everything that makes you feel fat, anything you may be holding onto from high school-trust us, you’ll never wear it again, and if you do, we’ll pretend we don’t know you- and put aside the things that your little sister has been begging you to borrow. Receiving a care package from her sister will surely make her day.
  • Get moving. You know all those City Bakery hot chocolates and red velvet cupcakes from Crumbs that kept you warm and cozy in the colder months? They’re not gonna look cute once it’s beach season. Take a walk after dinner, touch your toes during commercial breaks, slightly alter your schedule so you get moving without even realizing it- girl’s night with your ladies at that bar with the dance floor, stand up while you talk on the phone, and offer your seat to someone else on the subway- you want to be looking your best for the first barbeque of the year.
  • Buy local. This applies from everything to strawberries to honey to beer. Show Brooklyn a little love and throw your borough your hard-earned dollars, whether it comes to picking up a few tulips from the bodega or a coffee cone at Blue Marble. Local love is where it’s at.
  • Throw a picnic. Even if the weather outside is less than cooperative, grab a sheet, a PJ&J, a bottle of wine, and some cookies. Invite your friends or your boy or your lady over and have a floor picnic, just to get ready for the real deal. Think of how prepared you’ll be!
  • Save some money. The best-behaved Bitches in Brooklyn will be doing all of the above, which means thrift stores, junk shops, and flea markets are going to be jam packed with all sorts of awesome stuff. Beat the crowds and brave a chilly March morning and hunt for bargains at the Brooklyn Flea (which opens in Williamsburg in April!). 
  • Iced coffee season. No explanation necessary. Make plans to order your favorite caffeinated beverage- iced- the first day it reaches over 60 degrees.

Get psyched- it’s only a few more weeks away!

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