Monday, March 28, 2011

Wine Cork Trivet

Good morning, lovelies!
Welcome back to the blog. We’re still in the midst of changing things up and keeping them interesting, but we hope you’re along for the ride. Seeing at our budget would hardly let us explore the adventures of the US legal system, our blog name is currently in flux. We’re searching for the perfect suggestion without having to change our URL, so any and all ideas are more than welcome! In the meantime, we’ll be posting as “Brooklyn B”, seeing it relevant in more than one context.
How was your weekend? We brunched, ate some chicken and waffles in lieu of a traditional friend’s birthday cake, conducted a mini Spike Lee movie marathon, and packed for our latest adventure abroad (here’s a hint: we’re going somewhere that cute looks don’t serve much of a purpose). The next few weeks are going to be super crazy for us, so we needed to get out and play in the sun.

This week’s Make it Yourself Monday is a DIY that even the most accident-prone, not-craftily-inclined lady can handle… plus it’ll save your tablecloth big time.

The next time you’re treating your besties or boyfriend to a delicious homemade hot-out-of-the-oven meal, try this idea for a trivet.

As the weeks go on, save your wine corks. Yes, this means you’ll be springing for the good stuff- nothing served from a box will help in this household craft- but about 32 bottles of wine later, you should have just enough corks for a 7 x 7 trivet. If you’re eager to get started with the crafting but have gotten behind on your drinking (shame on you for dropping the ball), don’t worry. It can be however large or small you want.

Once collected, measure an appropriately sized piece of wood (this can be any leftover plywood of desired thickness). Arrange the corks in a pattern so that they fit the wood. Paint the wood with glue or Mod Podge, and then glue the corks together and to the board. Let dry.
Ronnie Citron-Fink has a great visual step-by-step on Check it out here.

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