Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Clean Up Your Act- On a Budget!

Attempting to clean your apartment without having to shell out big bucks for cleaning supplies can be a Catch-22. Do you live on oatmeal and ramen alone for a week while admiring your sparkling kitchen floors? What’s the point of having a surface that’s clean enough to eat off of if you can’t afford to eat in the first place?

Luckily, the Bitches are here to help. We’d love to introduce you to three natural cleaning products that will keep your house smelling fresh- without having to buy a single chemical product from the bodega next-door.  This Wednesday, our weekly challenge means cleaning up your act!

Meet your three new best friends: vinegar, lemon, and baking soda.

  1. Vinegar.
Mix a solution of one part water to one part vinegar for a solution that will clean most areas of your home. Place in a spray bottle and use as a disinfectant and deodorizer. This formula is incredibly cheap and cost-effective, doing the job of a store-bought product that would otherwise cost more than a few dollars. Clean the bathtub, toilet, sink, and countertops. Flush the toilet bowl. Mop the tile floors. Clean your stovetop, appliances, countertops, and floor. You can even use this solution as a natural fabric softener. Add ½ cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle in place of the store bought softener you just ran out of. Just don’t use on your marble surfaces (and, if you’re fortunate enough to have marble surfaces in your budget apartment, we’d like the number of your landlord).

  1. Lemons.
Mix 1 cup olive oil with /2 cup of lemon juice for a furniture polish for your hardwood furniture. Make with vinegar or baking soda for a homemade cleaning paste to dissolve soap scum and hard water deposits.

  1. Baking soda.
The Brooklyn Bitches have long extolled the virtues of this chemical compound, but it’s so useful it bears repeating. It can be used to scrub surfaces, deodorize smelly spaces, and keep your fridge smelling fresh.

Got another homemade remedy? Send us your housecleaning recipes at and we’ll test them for ourselves!


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