Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Manhattan Nest

Currently garnering the attention of several popular home design websites (including A Merry Mishap and Old Brand New), creator Daniel is mastermind behind the home design/DIY blog Manhattan Nest. And we love him.

Written with just a slight touch of snark in an affectionately dorky for all-things-interior-design, Daniel is an NYU student living on the Upper East Side, with hopes to one day move to Brooklyn. He currently blogs at Manhattan Nest, sharing his process for making a house a home on a budget of next to nothing. I first scoped his site way back in the fall, and have become a somewhat raving fan ever since.

Part of Manhattan Nest’s appeal is now simple and easy it seems to transform your living from an iKea showroom to a place that people actually gravitate towards. Taking the coldness out of generic furniture and trimmings is Daniel’s strong suit, and his step-by-step photos make it easy to follow right along. His website, divided by room, even includes a floor plan of his own place so you can imagine scaled pieces in your own house.

And, considering what he’s able to accomplish on a little-to-none student budget, Daniel makes a perfect role model for the Bitches on a Budget who are just trying to pimp their pads in Brooklyn. It truly proves that your only limits when it comes to home design are your imagination. Watch on the website how Daniel manifests his sacred rules of thrifting, creates a faux fireplace out of thin air (and one ugly radiator), replaces door hardware with something much prettier, and discovers treasures such as this little nightstand that is soon repurposed into something much nicer to look at. 

It’s a welcome change from the generic hipster home design we’ve been seeing everywhere, either the couch/cabinet/table/chair/ottoman IKEA set that couldn’t be less appealing if it tried, or the “I’m too busy/poor to give a shit about a kitchen table” folks. We are quite friendly with those on both sides, and think Daniel’s website could be that easy design intervention you so desperately need. Part of my personal problem with apartment therapy/home design is that it just sounds so damn intimidating. I like to say that I have no time to put up a curtain rod, can’t afford drill bits for my power drill, and am the worst person to pick out paint with (I blame it on my legit color blindness)… but that’s simply not true. Uninspired and left to my own devices, sometimes I’d much rather buy a dress at Urban or a beer at Barcade instead of framing photos or splurging on an area rug. Needless to say, I’m completely charmed and contemplating an entire apartment re-haul based on some of the easy DIY projects at Manhattan Nest.

Daniel (and Eva!), you are inspirations to New Yorkers everywhere who just want a grown-up house on a student budget. We wish you the best (and are finally ready to tackle a serious apartment paint job, thanks to you!) with the blog and the apartment!

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