Monday, April 11, 2011

Saving Expensive Eyeshadow

Is there anything more annoying than a broken make-up palette? Whether you smashed it into your cosmetic bag in a morning rush, dropped it on the floor while you were primping in front of the mirror, or simply knocked it into the sink, chances are you’re stuck with a compact filled with mashed-up pigment. If you’re anything like me, chances are you’ve scrimped and saved to buy that one luxury product from Nars or MAC and you drop it on the bathroom tile almost immediately.

Needless to say, not cool.

Want to know how to bring your favorite eyeshadow back from the dead? It’s easier than we thought, and all you need is a bobby pin, rubbing alcohol (over 70% is ideal), a quarter, an old, clean t-shirt, a Ziplock bag, and a rolling pin. Seriously.

1.    Open Ziplock bag and roll it down so you can easily get to the bottom of one corner. Lay it as flat as possible.
2.   Open shattered eye shadow in the bag and try to keep it concentrated so that the pigments settle in the corner. Get as much out of the container as possible (you may have to scrape it).
3.   Unroll the bag and lay flat.
4.   Use a rolling pin to roll over the corner of the bag with the pigment, pulverizing whatever is left of the makeup.
5.   Drop a few drops of alcohol in the empty shadow container, sanitizing it. Wipe dry with a piece of paper towel. Allow to air dry.
6.   Shake bag so all pigment settles back into corner. Put two drops of alcohol in bottom of shadow container. Snip a bit off the corner of the bag (think of Martha Stewart and her classic cake decorating pastry bags). This will help put the powder back into the pan while minimizing any possible mess.
7.   Set aside plastic bag. Tap and gently pack the powder into the original container.
8.    Add two more drops of alcohol to pigment in container. Continue to mix, using a bobby pin, and emulsify until product reaches cakey (not watery!) consistency.
9.   Alcohol will dry and powder will flatten out. Let pigment solidify and leave alone until it hardens (takes about 20 minutes). Check to make sure the top is firm, but not dry and firm. Check by patting every five minutes.
10.   Clean the rim of the container of any possible overspill with a q-tip.
11.   Place quarter on t-shirt. Fold fabric tightly around the quarter and twist to seal (ideally, you want tight edges around the quarter). This will be your press.
12.   Place quarter directly on top of eye shadow. Press hard and make sure the pressure is even.
13.   Remove quarter press. Eye shadow should be flat and look almost like new.

I was fortunate to come upon this video on Youtube, and I think it’s pretty perfect. Seriously, dude’s a lifesaver. Check it out and see for yourself!

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