Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend Wish List

Oh, what a hectic week it’s been. In particular, this Bitch has recently started full-time at her dream job, which has been incredibly fulfilling and altogether crazytown since 9am on Monday morning. We are taking the weekend to regroup and prepare for a series of insane events, from birthdays to trips to holidays that encourage denouncing all carbs (yes, Passover, we’re looking at you). Thankfully, a fresh pot of coffee is on the stove, we’re feeling productive as hell, and our imaginations are working overtime.
Here’s what we’re dreaming about this week!
1. A subscription to Anthology magazine. The print edition comes out four times a year, and the first two issues were completely sold out before I started getting with the program. Originally designed by two inventive ladies in San Francisco after lamenting the demise of several notable design and beauty mags, this beautiful lifestyle publication is devoted to all things wonderful and lovely. 120 colorful matte pages are composed of section after section of a fun, not fussy dinner party, cozy artist homes, recipes, and all types of columns and features. We want, we want. We want.
2. This unicorn head. It is so silly and would make a perfect silly addition to the very serious photo and art hallway I am cultivating in my tiny apartment. The modern princess take on the standard manly hunting lodge décor, I feel this is seriously missing from my life. Especially with a description from Etsy that includes that “this unicorn is a bit shy, but with a bucket of stardust and some kind words she’s willing to cheer up any room”. Also the fact that is goes especially well in a treehouse. Love.
3. Blueberry pancakes. I caught this photo from Cook Your Dream, reblogged by That Kind of Woman, earlier in the week, and I haven’t been able to get the imaginary taste out of my mouth. Does anything beat fresh, from-scratch blueberry pancakes still warm and soft straight from the griddle? I suspect not. If anybody would like to come over and cook these with me tomorrow morning (and supply the blueberries, as they were $7/pack the last time I checked at Key Foods), we can have an alcohol-fueled pajama party and be silly.
4. The Beatles' White Album on vinyl, so I can listen to it on my new record player. My unfortunate break-up with my former roommate has left me without most of the classics. I get on just find listening to Yellow Submarine over and over, but it would be lovely to mix it up with this classic.
5.  A lunch date with the Girls with Glasses. Not only am I addicted to their gorgeous Kate Spade dresses, headbands, and killer frames, but I find these ladies both charmingly wicked and simply adorable. In my imaginary world, we are best friends and meet at Shake Shack to talk about puppies and balloons at least once a week. Never heard of them? You can scope their blog here, or watch their videos on Vimeo here. Seriously. Do it.
What are you dreaming about this weekend, loves? The Bitches would love to know. Drop a comment below, send us an email at bbonabudget (at) gmail (dot) com, or Tweet us @bbonabudget.
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