Friday, May 13, 2011

Frugal Feast #19

The best tacos in New York city are not from the Calexico cart that’s sometimes parked under the BQE. They do come from a mobile source- however, it’s easy to track down, seeing as it’s open most hours of the day and serves tacos and burritos from the same location every day.

I first took a certain boy on a budget here when we were saying goodbye to summertime, so swinging by the Endless Summer Taco truck seemed appropriate. Always parked at the corner of North 3rd and Bedford Ave (in front of the basketball courts), the insanely good-looking staff is always prepared with extra hot sauce and napkins- after waiting on the winding line that remains present at pretty much any hour of the day, you’ll start chowing down on your order as soon as it arrives fresh from the stove.

Fish tacos with lime and relish ($3), salsa verde that will make your mouth sing, grilled Mexican corn ($2.50) and daily specials will have you coming back for more. A particularly taco-crazed amigo of mine completely loses his cool when it comes to getting a pork burrito, especially since the folks from Bushwick Pita Palace has long retired their version of the dinnertime staple. The only complaints I’ve ever heard came from girls in cute dresses who didn’t wear appropriate attire for drippy, squirty tacos. Please plan accordingly, bitches. You look increasingly less cute when you’ve got salsa running down your bare leg.

The next time you’re in the mood for a cheapie pick-me-up, whether lunch, dinner, or for a quick snack before strolling the Brooklyn streets on the weekend, follow the sounds of the Grateful Dead to this mobile restaurant on wheels and treat yourself to something yummy. Park your butt on the curb, drench in extra hot sauce, and enjoy.

Don’t be deterred by the line- in fact, take solace in the fact that the food really is that good. Fans include the Rum Tum Tuggars, the musicians from TV on the Radio, and this Brooklyn B.

Totally Bitchin’ Throwback: How to: Eating for Free edition

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