Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Margaritas on a Budget

Margaritas fall into the category of picnic lunches, soft serve ice cream cones , shortie shorts, and outdoor movie screenings: they are things I get very excited about come summertime.

A recent schooling in cocktail culture as a whole has proved the dangers of disgusting store-bought cocktail mix. I will never, ever, pick up a bottle of pre-made margarita mix again- however, I'm often pressed for time, and would prefer to be drinking a cocktail in the time it takes to juice seven lemons and limes, thus making my own sour mix from scratch, while boiling and dissolving and stirring my own simple syrup. Not only is the stuff loaded with tons of bad-for-you-sugar (duh!), a jub of Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix costs up to $10 at the liquor store down the street. What’s a girl to do when she’s looking to celebrate the warm nights of May on her fire escape, cocktail in hand?

Photo via Real Simple
Enter a Margarita recipe that even a Brooklyn Bitch on a Budget can afford. Real Simple, as always, saves the day with a re-invented classic that suits your meager incomes just fine.

All you need:
-       1 lime, sliced
-       Salt
-       2 bottles of Corona
-       1 can limeade, thawed
-       Tequila
1.     Coat the rims of your glasses with lime, dip in salt- because that’s a little fancier than drinking from the mug that held your morning coffee.
2.     Combine beer, limeade, and tequila in a large pitcher. Shake.
3.     Serve in glasses over ice.

It’ll be July before yoy know it, ladies and gentleman. Enjoy these gorgeous late spring nights, preferably outside with a cocktail in hand. As always, you needn’t be fancy to get drunk.

Photo via Real Simple

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