Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Denim Cut-Offs

It’s the time… of the season… when love runs high… and also you’re at the point where you’ve nearly exhausted your summertime wardrobe, it’s weeks until your next pay check, and you’ve got a drawer full of jeans just begging to be transformed into cute cut-offs.

Gather a pair of your jeans with the most potential for awesome (personally I would try to stay away from your longer high-waisted jeans and leave that style to the pros at Forever 21), your sharpest scissors (any pair that have not yet been sacrificed to cutting paper or hair is best), and be sure you’re cutting with a (sober) steady hand. No matter how hard you’re strutting your stuff down Second Ave, nothing can make up for the fact that you’ve got one Daisy Duke-clad leg, and another mid-thigh cut-off. If possible, pull out a pair of your favorite shorts that can be used for comparison purposes only.

Always remember: take your time. This is not something that you can make longer if you screw up.

1.    Line up the seams on your shorts and on your jeans that you’ll be cutting. Be careful not to line up the waistbands, as this can be tricky and not an accurate judge of length.
2.   Start cutting way below the desired length. This allows more room for error, and for potential cuffing purposes.
3.   Roll cuffs to desired length.
4.   Try on your new shorts, and trim extra seams/fabric accordingly.
5.  Rock your freebie summer shorts. Treat yourself to an ice cream cone or a bottle of Two Buck Chuck for saving instead of shopping. A true Bitch on a Budget is never afraid  of a little DIY action.

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