Friday, July 8, 2011

Five Friday Frames, Part Two

I have returned with another installment of Five Friday Frames. It was extra-lovely to keep my eyes open all week long, looking for special moments to capture and share. I have found that giving a purpose to taking pictures (whether for the blog or for my Picture a Day project), everything just seems a little more magical. Even on a particularly bad day, there are snapshots- sunflowers smiling at me from the bodega, a perfect batch of scrambled eggs, or a stranger’s contagious smile.

This week was a special one. It started with a continuation of an epic weekend barbecue, and Monday brought my favorite day of the entire year: Fourth of July. While I like America just as much as the next Bitch (usually), the holiday for me means seeing my most favorite family and friends, helping my dad on the grill, lighting fireworks off with my sisters, running in the grass and catching fireflies, and stuffing myself silly with drippy, sweet summer watermelon and washing it down with sour margaritas.

In short, it is a perfect holiday. This year’s celebration did not disappoint. Below I would like to share five frames from my week!

Fresh-off-the-train gin and tonics.

The keeper of my mother's secret recipes (including this one for blueberry muffins!).

The secret to juicy blueberries when baking (hint: rolling in flour always helps!)

Fourth of July decorations

Flowers from the yard
I hope that you have started to keep your eyes open as well! We’d love to see your photos. Please drop us a comment with a link to your Flickr, send us an email with things that made you smile this week, or send us a Tweet @bbonabudget.

Have a great Friday!

Totally Bitchin’ Throwback: Brooklyn Bitches, MD

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