Thursday, July 14, 2011

Free Kayaking in Brooklyn

I’m not really a “sporty” kinda girl- unless you measure the miles I race balancing a computer over one shoulder and the other supporting a six liter Big Gulp of coffee (which certainly counts in my book). However, I’m always open to trying new things, and there’s something about the concept of free kayaking on the river that’s got me intrigued.

Kayaking and rowing are pretty intimidating sports- and if I’m chilling on a river on the weekend, I’d prefer it to be in a cocktail-in-hand-while-sitting-on-a-boat-deck situation. Weekends are made for relaxing, sleeping late, and not exerting too much energy. But the fact that this day of adventure and exercise is completely free makes it really appeal to my inner Broke Bitch. In fact, I’m really into it.

All you have to do:
-       Show up to the Brooklyn Bridge Boathouse (at Pier 1)- no reservations required.
-       Wear the painfully dorky fluorescent life jacket provided.
-       Leave your iPhone, camera, and iPad at home- there is no storage for valuables, and there is a very good chance your expensive goods could get very wet.

Keep in mind that all boating takes place inside of a protected cove- so no, this isn’t a faster alternative to taking the L train to Manhattan on a bad transit weekend.

Boats are made available on the following dates:
Saturday, Jul 16th from 11a-4p
Saturday, Jul 23rd from 11a-4p
Sunday, Jul 24th from 1p-5p
Saturday, Jul 30 from 11a-4p
Saturday, Aug 6 from 11a-4p
Saturday, Aug 13 from 11a-4p
Saturday, Aug 20 from 11a-4p
Sunday, Aug 21 from 1p-5p
Thursday, Aug 25 from 5p-7p
Saturday, Aug 27 from 11a-4p
Saturday, Sept 3 from 11a-4p
Monday, Sept 5 from 11a-4p

This Thrifty Thursday, make weekend plans to try something new (and free), by stopping by the Boathouse at Pier 1 and Main Street. Have you been already? What’d you wear? Would you go again? We want to hear all about your experience. Drop us a comment below, send us an email to bbonabudget (at) gmail (dot) com, or Tweet us @Bbonabudget!

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