Monday, July 11, 2011

Make it a Tangle-Free Monday

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been so stressed out that all I want to do is organize, or if I’ve been hit by a late bout of ‘Spring Cleaning”, but I seem to be finding all sorts of random stuff in the back of my apartment’s coat closets within the past few weeks. Out of nowhere, I have pulled out gigantic red and turquoise paper lanterns (origin unknown), several framed Picasso prints (again, no idea), and a mink stole that was originally from a very old relative but later re-purposed for my classic Margot Tenenbaum Halloween costume.

For a girl who always finds herself with not enough dollars and dishearteningly bare walls, this seems to be a gift from the Household on a Budget Gods. The opportunity to finally put things in their rightful places, as well as replace the artwork and music that was taken in the Great Roommate Split of 2010 (which I still can’t talk about), has proved invaluable. This process has also forced me to turn an eye to the large cut-glass bowl that has served as a catchall vessel for all my long, pretty necklaces. I’m sure these necklaces would prefer to be hung in their nature state- individually - and untangled, no less. Just think of all the time you’d save if you didn’t have to paw through a tangle of beads, string, and wire whenever you want to amp up your look!

A rather professional display.
In doing some research and incorporating some of my latest found objects (found from the very deepest depths of the closet), here are some of the ways I’ve managed to make the most of a messy situation:

- Old clipboards. Mount clipboard on the wall with a nail or a push pin. Drape jewelry around the clamp and let hang.
- Attach screws and straight pins to a piece of pin board. Great for your heavy vintage pieces!
- Wire hangers. Fasten/clasp each piece around the bottom bar of the coat hanger. Balance similarly-weighted necklaces accordingly. Several can be hung on a single hanger.
- Behind-the-door coat rack. If you have the space to mount one on the wall (or place on the inside of your closet door), do so and hang as needed.
- Thumbtacks and bulletin board. Hang at alternating heights with colored push pins.

Hey, if you’re gonna do housework and get organized at the same time, it might as well look pretty! Check out even more cheap, easy solutions at Real Simple- we’re especially intrigued by their clear idea with straws.

Send us some snapshots of your favorite ways to keep your necklaces from becoming one mega-mass of beads. Accessorizing (and adding some color to your walls!) will be a budget-friendly breeze.

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