Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To Bare or Not to Bare?

This Wednesday Weekly Challenge is less of a dare, and more of an open-ended question: do you frequently do make-up less in the summer? Would you rather die than leave home without your mascara? I’m curious, so do tell.

To Go Bare, or not to Go Bare? That is the question.

It seems that more and more ladies magazines (especially those on the newsstand during those steamy summer months) implore us to give up our brushes, pencils, and concealer sticks in the name of Perfect Skin. It was just yesterday morning that my mother forwarded me a list of products that one can do without when the temperatures turn to Melt City. However, no matter how hot it gets, I just can’t seem to leave my house bare-faced. Not for my vanity, but for humanity… to quote from one of the best Disney movies of all time (that’s be Oliver and Company). However, I digress. To be clear, I quite understand the feminist argument of it all: commercialism, fetishizing yourself for men, and endorsing the corporate machine and fulfilling the ideas of skin-deep beauty. But what I’m really wondering after is those girls who can just meet up for coffee, go grocery shopping, or hit the gym without a stitch of make-up.

Forgoing a good shampoo for weeks at a time also seems to be on trend. Alas, it is another seemingly common practice that I just can’t seem to get behind, or understand. I’m not sure about the rest of you ladies, but if I’ve skipped a day or two of shampooing, my hair is the closest it can come to street urchin. While I can understand the “detox” of it all, suffering through weeks of greasy, tangled hair doesn’t seem like it would achieve the desired effect.

Now, I can get down with the natural look. A spritz of ocean water for perma-beach hair? I’m down. A blow-out courtesy of a nice long convertible ride through the suburbs? I’m into that. And I’m not endorsing the behavior of the more self-indulgent Bitches who need to “put their face on” before running to the bodega and picking up a box of brown sugar. I just can’t imagine that skipping this step of the morning routine can have such a lasting effect on your overall complexion.

What are your thoughts? It’s hard for me to “dare” all of you lovely ladies to leave the cosmetics bags at home and skip the morning shampoo in the shower- especially if I can’t bring myself to do it. On the flip side, are you a fearless lady who often rocks a naked face to the office? Why? Does it really give you the miracle-model skin that’s splashed across this month’s Vogue?

Less of a challenge, more of a Truth or Dare: Would you ever go bare in the name of perfect skin?

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