Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Wish List

It’s 4th of July weekend, otherwise known as my favorite three-day stretch of time leading up to my all-time favorite day of the year. There is something so magical about the 4th of July, a day meant to be shared with friends and family, illuminated by lightning bugs and multicolored sparks, and filled with watermelon, pie, and grilled hot dogs with all the trimmings. Margarita in hand, donning a fantastic summer dress and new sandals, catching up with loved ones and then skinny dipping late at night in the abandoned ocean. It’s easily the day I look forward to all year long.

With this morning’s grey skies on the date my parents have chosen for the annual shindig (ensuring a full day of leftovers tomorrow to feed our beach-bound hungover souls), I am pouring my wish power reserve into hope for sunny weather. See below for a couple other things on my wishing radar this weekend.

1. A bathing suit from Popina. The inner Betty Draper in me can’t get over how amazing this Vamp one piece is. I would have no problem strutting up and down the shoreline, belting out renditions of Hound Dog and gratefully accepting ice cream cones from adoring lifeguards. I’m hoping to score it near the official close of bathing suit season, when it may be reduced to half-price. 

2. Sparklers. Although they are illegal to buy and utilize in New York and New Jersey, I was able to stock up when I took my road trip down South last spring. At the time, it seemed ridiculous to spend a good portion of my paycheck on poppers, bottle rockets, fountains and smokes for my dad’s Father’s day present- but now I realize it was one of the wisest purchases I could have made on the road (besides endless amounts of boiled peanuts from Southern gas stations and Hurricane cocktails in Styrofoam cups on Bourbon Street, of course). Nothing says 4th of July quite like writing your name in the air with bright pink sparks and watching it hang.

3. A lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound. Even I, Queen of the Broke and Cheap, can’t turn down a $17 mouthful of buttery, tender, lightly dressed sweet lobster meat on a toasted bun. These people need more hype and publicity like I need an electricity bill (read: not at all), and they are worth every compliment and good review. Sure, it takes weeks for me to save up for the splurge, but it is one of those outstanding meals that is highly addictive and worth every penny.

4. An ice cream sandwich from the Cool Haus truck; more specifically: a peanut butter cookie/Nutella toasted almond ice cream combo. These gourmet ice cream sandwiches were first hyped on a Los Angeles-based food truck, before making their way East to the Hamptons and to NYC. Often parked in Union Square, dangerously close to my end-of-day L train commute, it’s getting harder and harder to turn these guys down. It’s hard to even make a cookie/ice cream decision, with options including blueberry & white chocolate chip, double chocolate with sea salt and maple waffle cookie choices and double peanut butter, saffron mango, or brown butter with candied bacon for your ice cream. At $5 per sandwich, this is a pretty serious dessert.

5. My Life at Grey Gardens: 13 Months and Beyond, by Lois Wright. This is my idea of an ideal beach read. Wright, a dear friend to both Edie and Little Edie, was invited to live with her eccentric amigos in the 70s. She used this diary to keep track of the daily adventures in the decrepit mansion by the sea, which puts this mesmerizing page-turner on the top of my summer reading list.
Have a lovely weekend and holiday, Bitches! Be sure to wear sunscreen, stuff your faces, and sing old Bruce Springsteen songs at the top of your lungs at any given opportunity.


Totally Bitchin’ Throwback: Weekend Wish List

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