Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Wish List

Today’s weekend wishes seem to fall into the “simple pleasures” category. There is no denying that it is July, July! and the living is far from easy. Nothing beats the feeling of walking outside your apartment to the bodega and feeling like you’ve walked into a hot, steamy bathroom after a rather long shower. Humidity: I hate it. It kills my appetite, only results in bad hair days, and makes puppies faint right on the sidewalk.

1.    A cold Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold: my idea of the perfect summer beer. Days like today require a lot of sitting perfectly still, inching one’s shoulders to catch even the slightest of breezes. An afternoon that finds me on my fire escape, cold, sweating beer in hand results in one happy Brooklyn Bitch.
2.   A front stoop. The epitome of summers in Brooklyn practically mandate a wide front stoop with a couple of steps to kick back and people watch from your home perch. Just by watching pretty much any Spike Lee movie you’ll know what I mean. Sadly, I have spent the last five years in an amazing albeit stoop-less, roof-inaccessible apartment in Williamsburg, forcing me to straight up covet the stoops of my neighbors. Sometimes I walk past the older gentlemen playing dominos and shooting dice on the sidewalk and gaze longingly at the small staircases leading into brownstones, just hoping someone will give me an invite to sit down and take a load off.
3.   A perfectly prepared plate of fried green tomatoes. These elusive fruits are only ripe for the blink of an eye in the summertime, and finding them at the Farmer’s Market is like spotting a white unicorn. Coated in cornmeal and fried to a crisp, seasoned with a little salt and pepper… I dare you to find anything that tastes more like summer.
4.   The ideal white sundress. I am kind of a summer dress whore. There is nothing I won’t spend, nothing I wouldn’t sacrifice for that perfect little sundress- and I have the closet to prove it. Travels to New Orleans, Milan, and London have lead to some of the most exquisite souvenirs of my trips, and I look forward to greeting all of my collected “friends” at the start of the summer season each year. However, in all of my quests and adventures to find that quintessential summer wardrobe staple, the white dress, I have never quite managed to succeed. Partially due to my own self-doubts on keeping a pale piece so pristine throughout the season (my penchant for numerous daily iced coffees and glasses of red wine kind of increase my trepidation), I can never seem to find the perfect one. It’s only mid-July, though, and I’m hopeful. Suggestions can be left below, emailed to bbonabudget (at) gmail (dot) com, or Tweeted to @bbonabudget!
5.    A really junky ice cream sandwich. For once, I’m not craving anything particularly fancy from a food truck or anything artisanal from Whole Foods. No, what I’m in the mood for at this particular moment is a drippy, chemically enhanced vanilla ice cream/chocolate wafer cookie mash-up. The kind that you can only eat very carefully by pulling down the wax paper wrap with each tentative bite. It’s much too hot to follow the bells of the Kool Man truck down the next few blocks- but a girl can certainly dream.

What are you wishing for this weekend, lovelies? We hope your Sunday afternoons are cool as cucumber martinis.

Totally Bitchin’ Throwback: Weekend Wish List

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