Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Wish List

Happy Saturday! The weekend is finally here, and it’s gonna be a hot one! Here’s a list of five weekend wishes that I can’t seem to get out of my head this morning.

1. Organic Camellia balm. For a pretty yet sensible alternative to Chapstick, check out this brand for all sorts of lovely beauty products. I am a bona fide Chapstick whore- Chapstick myth be damned- and I find that the hot, humid days of summer leave my lips almost as dry as the blustery winter winds of January. With three color options (original, rose, and ruby), this balm will keep lips and eyes moisturized while providing just a hint of color.
2. Bling magnets from The Paper Source. Is there any place in your office that would be hurt by a little extra bling? My guess is no. This five pack of gem stone magnets in assorted shapes and sizes are give your office supplies the opportunity to play dress-up. I think it’s pretty safe to say they’d even make boring mounted invoices and purchase orders just a little extra sparkly.
3. Date night at The Smith. The Smith is the site of my first-ever date with a certain Boy on a Budget and it still remains one of my all-time favorite places to kick back with a carafe of wine and an extra-special after-dinner ice cream sundae. Due to said Boy on a Budget currently being out of town on an extended business trip, I’m absolutely feeling a little nostalgic about that first date while eagerly anticipating his return. I think a visit here, starting with the hot potato chips and blue cheese fondue ($8) followed by a pot of mussels ($19) and finishing with a birthday cake sundae (yellow cake, vanilla ice cream, fudge frosting, and a candle just because), would be a wonderful welcome home treat!
4. An original Martin Parr photo. Mr. Parr ranks very highly on my list of favorite contemporary photographers. I first got to experience his work in a large-scale exhibition at the Tate Modern a few years ago, and I have been a fan of his high-saturation color photographs of ordinary people and their homes ever since. Mr. Parr has captured sprinkled donuts, elderly people in Technicolor bathing suits, and puppies wearing sunglasses in all of their insanely bizarre glory. It is a life goal to own a few of his original prints to display in my Adult home.
5. The Anthropologie undersea lamp. The hand-blown turquoise crystal base would make even the most blah of lampshades pop, and would look absolutely gorgeous perched on a side table in my living room. I just love this lamp.  

Hope you all have a lovely weekend full of lemonade, movies in ice-cold air conditioning, and frozen candy bars. It’s gonna be a scorcher out there today!

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