Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Friday Frames, Part Ten

In lieu of last weekend’s rather relaxing (while anti-climatic) series of events, the rest of the week seemed a little bit skewed. Luckily, I had enough stockpiled wine, cereal, and a heavily repeated soundtrack of Watch the Throne to give me the motivation to get everything done. Even when working with the most stressful of clients, I’ve found that “Otis” does the job.

The absolute highlight of the week? That would go to a certain Boy on a Budget who snapped up a pair of super-secret Neutral Milk Hotel tix for an animal shelter benefit in Woodstock this October. #win

Here are five photos snapped during my week of stress and insanity.

A view of sunny Bushwick at 6am.

Rad rocketships outside my office.

Hurricane supplies.

Bedbound with a Boy on a Budget.

Chocolate-covered grahams from Dylan's Candy Bar.
How do you plan on spending the weekend, friends? I am currently blogging from my parent’s magical beach house in a land far, far away from my tiny Brooklyn apartment. The weekend’s agenda includes seeing a couple morning movies at the mall with my sisters, hopefully getting my hair did, and baking up something fantastic for the Labor Day barbecue. After last week’s subway shut-down/apartment shut-in, there is no place I would rather be.

Have a fantastic weekend, all! 

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