Thursday, September 22, 2011

Recycled Votives

It’s time to come clean: I have a serious artichoke obsession.  Artichoke pizza, spinach and artichoke dip, artichoke salad... I can’t get enough.

If you’ve been struck with a similar food-related obsession, you’ll understand the value of a well-constructed container. Full disclosure: I'm kind of a packaging snob. Growing up in an arts-dominated household has resulted in a critical appreciation for fonts, Pantone colors, and blueprints. This happens to include packaging, containers, and labels- so I find myself gravitating towards the snacks that are sold in an aesthetically pleasing kinda way. For me, feeding my perpetual craving results in a ton of extra empty artichoke jars , which I feel really bad about throwing away since they’re so cute and tiny. If you’ve been following our posts (here and here), you can tell that we’ve been doing a ton of entertaining, the Brooklyn Bitch-on-a-Budget way.

Roasted peppers and artichokes come packed in adorable yet sturdy heavy glass jars. After a few washes in scalding hot water and a squirt or two of dish soap, let air dry thoroughly. Once dry, fill with short candles or tea lights for at-home votives. Sit back and enjoy the warm, flickering glow of a job well done.

Disclaimer: you’ll totally scoff at any home goods purveyor offering anything similar from here-on out. This is the perfect at-home recycling opportunity that can lead to even more repurposing down the line.

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