Monday, September 12, 2011

Safety Pin Savior

I am a firm believer that there are few things more annoying than losing a string to your favorite hoodie somewhere inside the hood. A minor annoyance that can really leave your treasured sweatshirt banished to the depths of your closet, I have lost many a tried-and-true favorite after being way too frustrated to play around with the necessary push/pull retrieval mission.

However, after being inspired by a certain Boy on a Budget’s wardrobe dilemma this past weekend, I decided to take matters into my own hands and do some research. It turns out, it’s not that difficult to make your sorry old sweatshirt back into the one you fell in love with in the first place.

Grab something long and sharp, like a safety pin. This will become absolutely essential once you start unwinding, scrunching and pulling. A safety pin is great for attaching to the exposed string and threading through the hoodie channel, allowing for some extra grab.

After you “hook” the disappearing end, pull it tight and move forward.

Once your string is free, pour yourself a drink. Er, actually, tie a really big knot that will prevent this disaster from ever happening again in the first place. The next time you wash our hoodie, pin the strings together to cut back the opportunities they will have to get free.

Voila! Make your old favorite sweatshirt just like new again, all thanks to a trusty safety pin!

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