Monday, September 26, 2011

Under Shelf Storage

This weekend I came across a genius idea that is adorable, efficient, and a great way to save space.

What to do with all the little adorable jars I posted about last week is votives aren’t your thing? Even if you don’t have a never-ending supply of artichoke jars on hand, just about any small glass jar would be perfect for this Monday Make-It-Yourself DIY.

As seen on Pinterest!
The amount of space you will discover in your kitchen thanks to the beauty of under-cabinet storage, is a beautiful thing. By securing the lids of your small jars to the undersides of the shelves make a perfect alternative to a more cumbersome spice rack, cupcake decorating shelf, or kitchen odds and ends. I have no idea why this idea never occurred to me, but it’s really blowing my mind.

It feels so silly to have ignored the space that I never considered to be useful for much of anything- besides acting as an enemy on the nights when I drink to much wine and bump my head when reaching for something above.  However, all of the Organizing goddesses, from Martha to Real Simple to the creatively organized blogosphere, seem to have discovered this secret a long long time ago.

Thanks to the folks over at Instructables for breaking down the steps into a simple DIY project. Check out their easy step-by-step process and anticipate basking in the glow of your super-expanded shelf storage options.

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  1. An ingenuous solution. I have never thought of it. It looks good too.