Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekend Wish List

It’s the unofficial last weekend of summer- which may sound like a bummer to some, but it’s a holiday I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time now. I’m looking forward to days of hot chocolate in thermoses, watching football on the couch come Sunday afternoon, and the first day of hardcore layering.  With sweaters and leaves and crisp air on the brain, I’m ready to celebrate the last remaining days of the summer of 2011.

Not far from these seasonal daydreams is the weekend’s wish list! Below, five things that I’ve been dreaming for at the moment.

1.     An ice-cold Abita. For some reason this week, I’ve been straight up craving this local New Orleans beer. It might be attributed to the influx of Tom Waits in my life all of a sudden, or perhaps a recent office shoot to my favorite city on earth has ignited my torch for NOLA. Either way, I’ve literally been waking up with the most vivid dreams of kicking back at a dark Bourbon Street bar with one of these sweating on the counter in front of me. New Orleans, how I love you.
2.     Watch the Throne on vinyl. My record player is begging for this album, especially seeing as my iPod has forgotten how to play anything else besides “Otis”. The soundtrack to my life right now (bonus tracks included), this Jay-Z/Kanye West collaboration needs to be on heavy rotation in my living room, starting five minutes ago.
3.     This Emerson Made coat. I have decided that if this broke Bitch buys anything for the upcoming cold weather season, it will be a coat. As a lady with a penchant for foregoing pants even in three foot snow drifts and blustery European winds, I feel it’s an investment that is worth a couple extra dollars. And by a couple extra dollars, I simply mean something slightly heavier from Forever 21. However, this remains the coat of my dreams- and I’ll be looking for a much, much cheaper version as my favorite stores trot out their fall offerings.
4.     Sprinkles cupcake mix, now sold at Williams Sonoma. This summer marked several big-girl milestones for me- among them, my first cupcake from the new NYC Sprinkles store. One bite of the lightest, moist cake topped with the frosting to sprinkle ratio of my dreams was enough to bring tears to my eyes. Imagine the mind-blowing experience of discovering the famed cupcake mix being sold at the local Williams-Sonoma. I would be too nervous to even consider trying any mix other than the vanilla (a fear of botched cupcakes from a mix is enough to keep me up at night), but I would urge the more adventurous bakers and readers to go for the dark chocolate or the red velvet.
5.     The City Lights Lillith Skirt from Kate Spade. Never before have I thought a particular wardrobe item would be worth a cool $355, but this black and white embroidered skirt is begging to be twirled and pranced down the street. I’m experiencing some serious clothing lust, as a full pleated skirt never seeks to satisfy my inner Betty Draper.

I hope you all have a lovely and relaxing holiday weekend doing what you love with the people you value most! If you’re drinking an Abita, send me a picture so I can drool with jealousy- either Tweet it to @bbonabudget, or email it to bbonabudget (at) gmail (dot) com.

Happy Saturday!

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