Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekend Wish List

How did Saturday fly by so quickly? It’s a sad fact that I had to cram all of my weekend relaxation, fun, and errands into today due to an all-day affair that I will be working starting very early tomorrow morning. All the activity of today wasn’t enough to distract me from all the wonderful weekend wishes that would have made the day extra sparkly- see below for the list of what I'm coveting!

1.     Apple cider donuts. Instead of giving another laundry list of reasons why fall is the best season of the entire year, I’ll briefly mention one of my favorite things to nosh on come September. Apple cider donuts from my hometown gourmet market, Delicious Orchards, are everything I love about life. Soft, moist, spongy breakfast treats lightly coated in granulated sugar. Enjoy with a cup or six of coffee and the New York Times on a sunny fall morning? Heaven on Earth. Anyone who’s been fortunate enough to enjoy can attest to the nirvana that these donuts can invoke- and I’m not even typically a donut fan!
2.     A round-trip train ticket home to visit my best friend. It’s literally been ages since I last spent the night driving around in his pick-up truck, talking about life and singing Simon and Garfunkel songs. Really super missing the man, the myth, the legend, that is The Captain.
3.     Kate Spade’s Pop of Color pin. I’ve been jealously stalking the ruby-colored blooms that were given away for gratis last week in Soho and Union Square, and I think my boyfriend jacket could use a pop of color (all in the name of their fall campaign, Understated is Overrated). If any ladies out there have any suggestions on where this broke Brooklyn Bitch can snag a Carrie-Bradshaw-approved bloom of her own for zero dollars, please don’t hesitate to email/Tweet/comment below!
4.     Free movie passes to see Drive. It only hit theaters yesterday, but I simply cannot wait to get my Ryan Gosling/Christina Hendricks/fast cars/explosions/big thrills fix. This might be worth forgoing any goings-out this week in lieu of a morning movie next weekend!
5.     A floppy hat like this one in Luggage Brown from American Apparel. I’m in the beginning stages of getting all the pieces of my Halloween costume together, and this will be essential. What do I plan on dressing as? We’ll see how successful this sourcing of costume bits ends up- but I promise I’ll keep you in the loop!

It’s almost bedtime for this very tired Brooklyn Bitch! I’m off to hit the hay and dream about items 1 through 5 listed above- I hope that all of your lovely weekend wishes come true tomorrow, dears!


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