Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Friday Frames, Part Seventeen

I feel that the very concept of Halloween on a Monday is the recipe for a weird week in general. Starting the five-day workweek with an evening of where candy (and cocktail) consumption runs high, I feel that a standard is set requiring a generally debaucherous, chaotic, insanely fun behavior to follow.

Below, you’ll see that I did my best not to disappoint. Five frames from my week will give you an idea of the fun that I tried to cram in amidst conference calls, meetings, and cleaning my house.

$5 pearls make me feel like a fancy lady.

Sunrise drive from the mountains.

Birthday cupcakes, take one.

Hot chocolate on a stormy night at the beach.

Creepy monkey head in honor of Halloween.
What do you have planned for this weekend, lovelies? I’ll be headed to the beach once again for Take Two of the baby sister’s Sweet 16 (rescheduled after last weekend’s disgustingly inappropriate snowstorm), and hope to buy some new boots, eat some vegetables from the farmer’s market, and sleep until at least 9am. How about you?

Please enjoy this lovely November weekend, drink some cider and eat plenty of apple cider donuts- I’ll be doing the same!

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