Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksbitching 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from all of the Bitches on a Budget!

Whether you’re from the mean streets of Bushwick to the gentrified blocks of Williamsburg, we’re sending love and sparkle to each and every one of the ladies who check in on the regular to read our adventures of living a fabulous life on a shoestring.

Before you get too plastered on costs-more-than-$2 red wine tonight with your folks or besties, make sure to shoot over a few texts, make a couple calls, and remind the people that are special in your life that they really own a little piece of your heart.
Personally, I’m rather overwhelmed with how lucky I am- in a way, I almost feel the need to tell all of the non-humans in my life how thankful I am for them. Off the top of my head:

1.    Dear apartment, thank you for existing. Not only are you the perfect size for all of my cowboy boots and baking supplies, but the rent at Casa Bonita has not been raised in five years. Thank you for staying bedbug and burglar free.
2.   To New York City: thank you for not throwing me out. We’ve had a couple of really rough days and weeks and months, but I’m hanging on for dear life. You won’t be able to shake me until the winds of adventure blow me somewhere else- aka, I’ll only be leaving you if I’m kicking and screaming.
3.   I’m thankful for Momofuku crack pie, in any incarnation. Fresh from the oven at my lady E’s house, or wrapped in a sliver of wax paper and consumed standing up in the Milk Bar, you are so damn delicious, you bring tears to my eyes.
4.   To my oven, specifically: thank you for helping me churn out some of the best pies, cookies, and cakes known to man or Martha Stewart. You’re kind of my hero.
5.   Dear job: thank you for working out! Not only am I very lucky to be steadily and gainfully employed, but I am fortunate enough to be very young and working at my dream job, for pretty much the coolest, most inspiring boss and the most talented staff this side of Hollywood. Here’s to great people who make great movies!
6.   To John Slattery: you’re fantastic to look at.
7.   For Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Jay-Z, and the Black Keys: thank you for dropping some of the hottest verses music has ever heard. You keep me strutting to work, even on rainy bad hair days, thanks to your thoughtful and mind-blowing albums.

To my family, friends, Boy on a Budget, baby sisters, moviemakers, movers and shakers… thank you for sticking with me. We make magic happen, and I would be beyond lost without spreading sparkle to every last one of you.

Have a happy happy Thanksgiving, Bitches!

Bitches Beyond: Red, Red Wine

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