Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Walk It Out

This Wednesday’s Weekly Challenge is going to sound hilarious, I’m sure, as I’m encouraging all of you Bitches to play hooky.

Well… not exactly.

But I am challenging you to all get out and walk during your lunch break. As a type-A control freak that remains at her desk for a good 16 hours of the day, when Mama Bitch suggested this tiny life improvement, O nearly bit her head off. LEAVE MY DESK? What if the phone rang? What if there was an emergency five-minute edit? What if there was an earthquake and just as I was leaving I got trapped in the stairwell?

My mind cluttered with a million possibilities as to how, exactly, the world would implode if I snuck a choice fifteen minute break in there was enough to shake me to my core. Heeding Mama Bitch’s advice, I took the long way around the block to my favorite bodega just for a paper cup of coffee, and, I just want to say it: wow.

The air, the sunshine, the cold, the people- it was so refreshing to look at something other than the screen on my MacBook, if only for a couple of minutes. Sure, I got some major coat lust when I spotted a group of ladies in fabulous capes and pea coats, and I couldn’t help but give the evil eye to a slew of beautiful young couples enjoying their long lunches at ABC Kitchen while I tried to take a break from the office.

However, no matter how badly I was drooling over some Chelsea Bitch’s fantastic choice of outerwear, no matter how much I would have given anything for a 1p glass of wine at an outdoor sidewalk café, or an afternoon headache instead of sitting like a question mark at my desk, frantically saving my world with several strokes of my keyboard… it was awesome. And while it’s not quite as fabulous as the Resident Bitch on Assignment’s mandatory staff milkshake breaks, a walk around the block does wonders.

Blasting Beyonce's "Diva" while doing so even increases your fierce quotient by a good three points.


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