Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend Wish List

It’s Sunday, the sun is out, and I feel insanely well-rested. When was the last time that I started a weekend wish list with anything so optimistic? While the air gets chillier and the leaves start to drop much more rapidly, I am making it a personal goal to enjoy every last bit of fall that I can today. What about you?

The leaves are rather nice to look at- apple cider donuts don’t hurt, either- but I can’t stop thinking about a couple of things that have really caught my attention this week…

1. This slate cheeseboard. The very concept of a cheeseboard means that you are classy kind of Bitch who has relatively no budget and can throw outrageous wine and cheese parties for your nearest and dearest. While thoroughly indulging in that fantasy life, one simply must identify all of the varieties of expensive cheese up for grabs- and this handy slate board is just the ticket for easy ID-ing (I’m full-on swooning over that close-up of the melty Brie).
2. A pair of nude suede pumps. This pair from Urban Outfitters are so fabulously understated, perfect for taking meetings at the office and yet sexy enough for a night out with Fridays. While I personally have a tremendously difficult time walking in heels (imagine a newborn giraffe clomping around before it fully figures out how its legs work), I’m delusional enough to think that these might actually work for me. Available in yellow, red, and grey to boot, the well-heeled (pun intended) Brooklyn Bitch on a Budget could certainly get her money’s worth.
3. Pretty thigh-high stockings. There’s something so completely unrealistic and extravagant about tissue-paper-thin stockings that don’t keep your whole leg warm and can tear at a particularly rough subway ride. However, they are just the kind of Betty-Draper-approved accessory that I covet for everyday use. If only they ran a little less expensive then $20 a pair…
4. Soft pretzel tots. With bathing suit season long behind us- and increasingly more far away- this looks like the perfect snack to curl up with on the couch for an afternoon of sweatpants-wearing movie-watching R & R time.
5. Handmade cards from the Black Apple Etsy shop. To know me is to experience my obsession and fondness for pretty cards, paper, and stationary, and the offerings in this shop are no exception. I’m particularly lusting after the Dancing Bear postcard pack, which would be appropriate for everything from letters to friends faraway and thank you notes to family come the holiday season.

Hope you’re having a fantastic and restful weekend! Don’t forget to re-set your clocks this morning!


Totally Bitchin’ Throwback: Weekend Wish List

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