Thursday, December 29, 2011

Champagne Wishes

New Years Eve is coming up fast, and Bitches everywhere are hitting Forever 21 for their short sparkly party dresses and snatching up every last bottle of Andre. Whether you’ve got plans to hit a friend’s soiree or host a party of your own, you can count on bubbly being a huge part of the celebration.

In honor of our Pop/Clink/Fizz philosophy, here are some suggestions for simple champagne cocktails that you can whip up without breaking the bank- or shelling out $15+ at that Soho bar your out-of-town friends are dragging you to for the night.

Combine peach juice and champagne. Toast.

Mix a 4:1 ratio of champagne with black Irish stout or Guinness. Weird but great.

Sugar cubes soaked in bitters
1 oz brandy

Place sugar cube in the champagne flute. Saturate the cube with 2 dashes of bitters. Add brandy and top with champagne. Clink.

Combine a splash of simple syrup, bigger splash of lemon juice, big big splash of gin. Top with champagne.

Mix cold champagne and orange juice. Done and done.

Add a handful of pomegranate seeds to your glass. Top with POM and champagne.

Real Simple suggests making a DIY champagne cocktail by topping your glass of champagne with either:
1 tbs pomegranate juice
1 scoop mango sorbet
1 tbs grapefruit juice
1 tsp Amaretto

One of my all-time favorite go-to recipes include popping a bottle of Prosecco, muddling some raspberries in the bottom of a flute, and pouring on top. Delicious, easy, atomic, and cheap- all of my favorite things in one glass.

What are your favorite champagne-based cocktails on a budget, lovelies? We’d love some suggestions. Just drop a comment below, shoot us an email at bbonabudget (at) gmail (dot) com, or Tweet us @bbonabudget.

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